How to Record Game Videotape with an iTop Screen Recorder?


    Since there’s a full cargo of restrictions and limitations, use the Xbox Game Bar (the default screen recorder on Windows 10) to record in- game videotape is occasionally torture or an incompletable task. 

     Fortunately, we ’ve got the best screen recorder for PC which can help us to record game videotape on PC. A competent backer that provides a good result to do the record job without annoying function limitations, the iTop Screen Archivist 

     How to record in game videotape with iTop Screen Recorder

     Step 1. iTop Screen Recorder is n’t hard to use at each, the UI may not look as fancy as the Xbox game boosting Bar. But the design is intuitive, and its crucial functions are listed easily & accessible. 

     Step 2. Make sure you ’re running iTop Screen Recorder. You can find five conspicuous buttons that show off the main functions of it on the main interface. You can decide what zone you’d like to record on and the full screen mode is considered as the most common choice.  You can acclimate the recording zone by justifying the edge of the selection for a better fit to the windows mode game videotape recording. 

     Step 3. On the left you could see there’s a red “ REC” button. Click it to record the screen anytime you get set. Keyboard lanes are also approved, press F9 to record, F10 to pause, and F11 to screenshot. 

    During the recording, you can stop recording, pause or resume at any time. This game recorder also allows you to do a screen prisoner when you recording, by simply click the camera button on the bar. 

     Step 4. You can manage your recorded game videotape under the “ Videotape List” label. You may notice that there are three different formatted vids are recorded. 

     Step 5. iTop Screen Recorder offered a set of settings that can do complete & detailed adaptations to the recording. It allows you to determine the videotape format, framerate, audio bitrate frequence. etc.