Discover the Key Differences Between Hemp Gummies and CBD Gummies


    For much of America, marijuana has been reserved for the stoner archetypes portrayed in movies such as Dazed and Confused, or in Seth Rogan’s rise to fame, Pineapple Express. As we see more and more states legalize weed, however, we notice marketing has shifted to a much tamer image, focused on wellness, and with that, more and more CBD and hemp products emerge.  

    CBD and Hemp have grown in popularity among new crowds for its health and wellness purposes. Nowadays, you can find CBD and hemp in lotions, oils, tinctures, and yes, you can still smoke it. But in growing popularity, gummies seem to be the way most consumers, well….consume it. 

    So, you may be wanting to try some of these types of gummies for the first time. With so many products coming to market as legalization sweeps through the country, you might not know exactly where to start. CBD has been spoken of more and more but that may be the extent of your knowledge. Just hearing the letters doesn’t really give you a good idea of what you’re getting into. And hemp? Isn’t that a kind of necklace? 

    In this article, we’ll talk about the differences (and similarities) of both products, and we’ll help you find out which one is right for you. 

    What are CBD and Hemp gummies? 

    CBD gummies are made with CBD oil, while hemp gummies are made with hemp oil. CBD and Hemp oils are extremely different in terms of their composition. 

    Seems simple enough. 

    CBD oil is extracted from hemp flower, leaf, and stem extracts, which contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids! Hemp oil, however, is made from only the seeds of the plant, making it a much less potent oil. It is also important to keep in mind the difference between hemp-based CBD and cannabis-based CBD. Hemp-derived CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, while cannabis-derived CBD can have up to 30% THC.

    Cannabis-based CBD will usually only be found in licensed marijuana stores in states where it’s legal. So, there’s no need to worry about any confusion for in-store purchases. However, many companies are benefiting from the fact that most people don’t know the difference. 

    CBD vs. Hemp Differences

    The Cost

    Hemp products will ALWAYS be cheaper. They’re kind of being passed off as an off-brand CBD in a lot of their brand marketing for hemp products. You’ll know it’s real CBD if the product is a bit pricier. 

    Therapeutic Qualities

    Hemp oil can have nourishing qualities. You’ll often see them being used in skincare, lotions, and cosmetic products. It’s often been called food for the skin. The fatty oils in hemp seeds hydrate the skin deeply and benefit dry, itchy skin. Hemp can thus have a positive effect without directly applying it to the skin. Hemp seeds are actually an incredible source of protein and acts as an anti-inflammatory. But if you’re looking for the common effects of CBD/THC, do not look here. Because neither of those properties are present. 

    CBD oil, on the other hand, does contain CBD/THC and can have quite calming effects for most of its users. Used to ease anxiety, quiet the mind, and calm the body, CBD has been championed by the medical marijuana field for some time about the positive overall effects. People who suffer from insomnia or chronic pain have found much ease by using CBD gummies to help them ease pain and ready their bodies for a good night’s sleep (who remembers what that feels like?). If you get gummies that have hemp-derived CBD Oil, you won’t have any psychoactive qualities present (since there’s less than 0.3%. However, if you get a cannabis-derived CBD oil product, you’ll have more opportunity for that euphoric feeling associated with THC, since they can contain up to 30% THC in them. 

    Where You Can Purchase Them 

    Hemp Gummies you can find somewhere as simple as your local drug store or even on amazon. These are easier to find because they don’t have as much red-tape to get through, since no psychoactive 

    Which One is Right for Me? 

    Most people, when looking for these kinds of gummies, are not looking for hemp seed oil in their gummies. The reason you’re looking is because you are thinking you’re probably getting CBD gummies. But hemp-derived gummies have their place on the consumer market. 

        HEMP Gummies

    • Good for Your Skin
    • Full of Nutrients
    • Great for PMS Symptoms
    • NO Psychoactive properties

        CBD Gummies

    • Last longer than other CBD products
    • Eases anxiety and insomnia
    • Easy to Use
    • Doesn’t treat specific areas, but is an anti-inflammatory

    There’s a lot to weigh depending on your lifestyle and the reason you might be seeking out gummies. Hemp gummies are a much tamer (and even very different product) than CBD gummies, but chances are if you’re looking this up, it’s because you are wanting the effects of CBD.