How to Navigate Victoria Station With Ease


    With the world now accessible to you once again, that trip to London is probably not off the cards. In fact, we hope you have already booked your next ticket there.

    London itself is one of those cities that people around the world dream of visiting. And for good reason. With so much history, culture and incredible food, London offer something for everyone.

    There are many different ways you can plan your trip to London. You can fly to Heathrow Airport. You can take a bus from another European city. Or, you can hop on the train and arrive at Victoria Station.

    The Victoria Station is one of the busiest train stations in all of London, welcoming millions of people every week—locals and visitors alike. In fact, this train station is one of the main hubs for those who commute into London from the outer suburbs.

    There is a lot going on at Victoria Station, so it can feel a bit overwhelming if you have never been there before.

    That is why we have put together this easy go-to guide on how to navigate Victoria Station with ease. With all the tips and tricks about luggage storage london, you will be able to find your way through here with ease and ensure that your first impression of London is a great one.

    Store Your Luggage Here

    Did you know that you can find some of the best luggage storage in Victoria Station? This is super convenient, especially if you are only just passing through London for the day or have a long layover you are waiting for. Because of how busy Victoria Station is, you do not want to add extra stress by bringing your bags with you everywhere you go. Instead, you can book your luggage storage online before even arriving and drop your bags as soon as you arrive at the station.

    This allows you to then go out into London and explore all that the city has to offer with much more ease and much less stress. Plus, since your luggage storage at Victoria Station also comes with included content insurance, you will be able to enjoy London with peace of mind too.

    There is a Train Station and Underground Station

    Part of what makes Victoria Station so big is the fact that there are actually two main hubs here—both a train station and an underground tube station. In terms of trains, the two most common lines that run through here are the Gatwick Express and the Southern trains. This connects many people into London from the outer regions and equally allows you to access the beautiful natural surrounds of England too. Victoria Station is actually the last stop for all trains before turning back around. With nearly 20 different platforms, it all goes here when it comes to trains arriving and departing.

    Then, you have the underground stations too. This is literally beneath the train station and gives direct access to the tube network that London is famous for. So if you arrive by train, you simply go underground to access the various tube lines that will take you practically anywhere in London that you want to go. The tube lines run nearly all hours of the day and you can easily hop on these with an Oyster card. But note, it will be busy here. So be prepared for crowds.

    Enjoy Endless Shopping and Eating

    Because Victoria Station is such a massive hub for commuters and travelers, it is no surprise that there is equally an array of shops and restaurants within the station itself. At times, it really does feel like a city within a city. You will always find a convenient place to eat and even a few pubs to enjoy a pint at too.

    There are also plenty of cash machines and money exchange hubs for you to sort your financial needs at too. Plus, if you need to get an emergency passport, you can use their passport photo booth too. But perhaps the most convenient offerings here are the ticket office and visitor center. Both are set up to help you with anything and everything.

    Purchase Your Tickets on a Whim

    The beauty of traveling through Victoria Station is that you can be quite spontaneous. This means that you can walk into the station and get your train tickets moments before your departing train leaves. But you can equally get your train tickets in advance before arriving as well if you are looking for a less stressful and spontaneous experience.

    Regardless the biggest tip for purchasing your train tickets at Victoria Station is to try to get off-peak tickets. This will allow you to get a substantial discount on prices and equally you will have fewer people sharing the ride with you.


    Navigating your way through Victoria Station is easy if you keep these tips and tricks in mind.