CSGO astralis team lineup


    Astralis is a CSGO veteran team from Denmark. It is one of the strongest teams in the history of csgo. Throughout 2018, Astralis has been in a leading state and won the Major championship. In that year, almost all the championships in the CSGO field were won. Get it, Astralis is also a leader in various e-sports fields, and its establishment has also created a CSGO craze in Denmark and around the world. Astralis also ranked first in the just-concluded CSGO blast premier fall groups Group A qualifying competition . For more information about astralis participating in blast premier fall groups, please visit gametopn.com .

    Introducing the Astralis team

    The Astralis team is a very strong team in the professional csgo game. Their style of play is stable and their thinking is clear. At their peak, Astralis has absolute dominance in CSGO . Although the team members have some new adjustments later, the peak is not , but the Astralis after joining the newcomers should not be underestimated. Their overall state has begun to show an upward trend, and the individual strength of the team members has also made significant progress. They won the CSGO blast premier fall groups Group A qualifying match. The first is evidence.

    Members of the Astralis team


    As a core member of Astralis , this year is his 6th year playing for Astralis . His position is a rifleman, a support, and a well-deserved king of the endgame, helping the team come back to life many times.

    g la 1 ve

    gla 1 ve can be regarded as one of the best commanders in the world . gla 1ve is responsible for Astralis ‘ tactical arrangements and endgame decisions, and can closely link the players . His stable command is also the key to the team’s success.

    K 0 nfig

    K 0 nfig is a rifleman in Astralis . He joined Astralis not long ago, but he still performed well in the team. He is good at helping his teammates create space and finding a unique way to first kill to help the team open up the game.


    blameF is Astralis who joined K 0 nfig at the same time . He is a rifler . BlameF has always maintained an excellent state after joining Astralis . He has unparalleled stability in the game and his performance against strong enemies in competitions is very good . .


    Farlig is the sniper in the Astralis team. Since Farlig joined Astralis , the overall state of Astralis has shown an upward trend. Farlig ‘s performance in the endgame is excellent and efficient . Quickly react to the situation and help the team win the game. In the recent blast premier fall groups Group A qualifying match against Vitality also turned the tide and became the MVP of the game.

    The above is the CSGO astralis team lineup. If you want to know more CSGO star team information, please visit gametopn.com. They will continue to update various CSGO information and competition content, and bring the latest CSGO news to you in a timely manner.