Bet on Tennis at Non GamStop Bookmakers


    “Game, set and match!” With these famous words, the umpire lets everyone know that the tennis game is over. One of the two tennis players goes home with the victory, for the other it is the end of the tournament. Tennis is one of the most popular sports to bet on. Theoretically, a tennis player has a 50% chance of winning a match. If you bet money on the winner, you also have a 50% chance of going home with your winnings. But of course there are many more tennis bets to choose from. For example, bet on the number of sets in a small ATP match or make the Wimbledon tournament extra exciting by predicting who will win this Grand Slam. You might even make a profit if your favorite tennis player wins again. Try your luck at casinos not on Gamstop on JustUK.

    Betting on Tennis at Non GamStop Bookmakers All Year Round!

    Tennis is without a doubt one of the most practiced sports in the world. If you play tennis yourself, it is of course not a punishment to watch matches of Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic or Simona Halep and while you see if you win the bet, you immediately get some inspiration for your own matches.

    You don’t have to be a tennis player to bet on this sport. Even if you’ve never held a racket in your hand, it’s interesting to watch and bet on tennis. There are many different betting options, where you can just have a 50% chance of winning. In addition, competitions are played throughout the year. So, there is more than enough to gamble. The tennis world is divided into ATP and WTA tournaments. At the ATP tournaments, the men enter the tennis court. They play tournaments such as the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam and the China Open in Beijing.

    Do you prefer to bet on women’s matches? You might bet money on the Ladies Open in Lugano, Switzerland, or the Rogers Cup in Montreal, Switzerland. There are dozens of these kinds of competitions every year, from which the bookmakers make a nice selection. Country tournaments such as the Fed Cup (women) and the Davis Cup (men) are also always interesting for gamblers. As soon as these tournaments are scheduled, you can immediately place a wide variety of bets.

    Bet on the Four Grand Slams

    An athlete always wants to win. Still, some matches and tournaments are a lot more important than others. In the tennis world, there are four tournaments that stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of prestige. Whoever wins these Grand Slams immediately rises in ranking. In addition, a large amount of prize money is waiting for the winner. These major tournaments are also very interesting for you as a gambler. Who do you think will take home the top prize?

    • Australian Open: At the beginning of the year it is immediately time for the very first Grand Slam: the Australian Open. Games are played on the hard courts of Melbourne Park for two weeks. The tournament usually takes place in the last two weeks of January, although there is sometimes an extension to the beginning of February.
    • Roland Garros: In the months of May and June it is time for the French Open, or Roland Garros. The tennis players travel to Paris for this Grand Slam. Roland Garros is the tournament for the real clay court specialists.
    • US Open: The Grand Slam season ends in the United States each year. At the end of the summer, in the months of August and September, the tennis players give it their all at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York. The surface is a hard court, so this is really a tournament for players with hard serve and strong forehands.

    What Are the Bets that Make Tennis Exciting?

    It makes little difference to your bets whether you choose a Grand Slam or a smaller tournament. The bookmakers always have different tennis betting options online. If you like to keep it simple, bet on the player you think will win. It doesn’t matter how the match goes for this bet. It can be a tough match, but it can also happen that ‘your tennis player’ wins one game after the other. As long as he or she wins, that’s all that matters. Do you like to challenge yourself a little more? Then focus on the many games and sets. Interesting bets in this category are:

    • Does the match consist of more or less than 23.5 games?
    • Who will win the first set? And who’s the second?
    • Was there an even or odd number of games played at the end?
    • What is the final score in sets?
    • Can player 1 win the first set and the entire match?

    These bets are all about one match. But you can also focus on the big picture. Winning a match is only a small step towards the ultimate goal: tournament win! Especially at the four Grand Slams you can predict well in advance who will win the tournament.

    An early bet has both advantages and disadvantages. The big advantage is that the bookmaker often offers high odds. If you wait to bet until you know who’s in the final, those high odds can drop quite a bit. But of course you are taking a big risk. The disadvantage is that you do not even know whether your winner will reach the final. If someone is already out halfway through the tournament, your chance of winning is quickly gone.