How to quickly earn a lot of gold in World of Warcraft?

Many players are really sure that it is very difficult or even unrealistic to get 50 thousand gold in World of Warcraft. New users believe that the pursuit of gold takes up all real time, and those who play for a long time do not have enough money to literally repair their armor.

All methods listed here require a lot of time and effort. You can save time thanks to the World of Warcraft boost services that will quickly do everything for you. Next, we will analyze 5 methods that are most effective in the game. They have their pros and cons, as well as one way you might get bored and therefore you can always combine them.


Let’s start with the most effective way to make money – an auction. Trading and speculation always brings in a lot of money. There are two types of earnings here: go to farm various ingredients for further sale, or look for items that sell at a lower price, buy them and re-list them for a profit. The first type takes more time, but the second is easier. You need to find items at a lower price and sell them, and then sell them at the average market price or slightly less. For the successful role of a “reseller” you need to gain experience and find out what items are in demand and they are most often exhibited for a penny.

Seasonal events.

You can wait for the event for a long time, but the wait pays off with interest. To make it clearer, let’s take an example: the Day of the Dead event has come and in a short period of time most players will want to get a pet by making “Memorial bread”. The most difficult to obtain ingredient is “Ice Milk” and all enterprising players go to farm it before the start of the event, or buy it for silver. The price for the milk skyrockets to 100 gold and even more during the event.

Manufacturing professions.

There is something similar to an auction, since both require some daily work to be profitable. The easiest way to get some gold is to sell raw ores and herbs you get from mining and herbalism respectively. It is necessary to collect material, and then sell it to other players after processing it. Here is a list of items that are always in demand by players with production professions:

Popular items: ore, grass, fish, food.

Popular ores: titanium, saronite, and cobalt.

Popular herbs: fox flower and Asp’s tongue.

Sale of pets.

The method is time consuming but also profitable. Their prices may vary and the market is overcrowded. But everywhere there is a loophole, you just need to farm the pets that are needed to get the achievement, rare raids, pets from events.

Farm monsters.

The most popular way to get gold. Monsters drop various reagents, gold and gear that can be sold or disenchanted. Thanks to this, we get a kind of 2 + 1 share. Before you go to destroy everything and everyone you need to:

Get good bags to carry all the loot;

Pick locations with large packs of mobs that respawn quickly;

You have to be able to tank and quickly dispatch packs of monsters;

To get more profit, combine several methods, and you’ll get all the gold you need in no time.


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