Prospects for Cryptocurrency in Online Casinos


    If you pay attention to the currencies market, you can see that crypto is becoming a big business. Gone are the days when cryptocurrency was the property of a few. Now it’s mainstream. Many investors are doing everything to include cryptocurrency in their portfolios. Many users consider cryptos as an investment and a method of mutual settlement. 

    If you look into it, it is not difficult to make a deposit at an online live casino with crypto. You can use many cryptocurrencies available on a particular site. 

    Choosing a Cryptocurrency 

    Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, but now there are many other options. These include Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, etc. 

    If you are a beginner, you want a cryptocurrency that has a good history, you should choose Bitcoin. You can use it in many casinos and livecasinos

    Buying Cryptocurrency 

    Before you spend cryptocurrency, you need to buy it. You should use the cryptocurrency exchange. It’s like buying a foreign fiat currency: you transfer money and receive cryptocurrency. You will also have to pay a small exchange fee. 

    When you have a cryptocurrency, it is very important to transfer it from the site to your own wallet. It can be a software or hardware wallet – both have their advantages and disadvantages. Once the cryptocurrency is stored, you can spend it online. 

    Deposit at an online casino with cryptocurrency 

    So, you have chosen your casino and now you need to make a deposit. You may think that this is a difficult task, but it is easier than depositing with a card. As with all deposits, you pick the payment method to deposit. We will use bitcoin as an example. 

    • Once you have selected Bitcoin, you will see an address that is unique to your casino account;
    • Copy this address; 
    • Open your crypto wallet and transfer money to the copied address;
    • Wait until it will be charged. 

    After that, you need to wait for the transfer. Don’t panic if this doesn’t happen instantly. The transfer speed will indeed depend on the blockchain. You should expect to find the money in the account within about 10 minutes. 

    Now you have funds in your account that have moved from the crypto exchange to your wallet and then to the casino. All you have to do now are bets on your favorite games.