How does a cricket slider work?


    As it happens with many bowling techniques in cricket, they tend to have their own peculiarities and individual aspects that make them quite interesting. It is possible to visit the in order to wager on lots of bowlers who employ different bowling techniques.

    One of the most interesting techniques to study is known as the slider. It can be considered as a subtype of a wrist spin. By the way, the topspinner can be seen as another subtype of a wrist spin.

    In the specific case of the slider, two kinds of spin are introduced, which are the sidespin and a backspin. The ball may spin at two different speeds in those two directions, making it quite unpredictable at the moment it bounces on the pitch. The 1xBet online bookmaker offers its members tons of possibilities to wager on bowlers who use sliders.

    Additional difficulties for batsmen

    The batsmen has some extra difficulties to consider when facing a slider. In general, the idea of this technique is to make the ball travel as much as possible prior to bouncing on the pitch. While following what these exceptional players can do, you can try – online cricket betting can be made on these amazing cricketers.

    In general, the batsman will be able to guess where the ball will eventually go after the bounce. However, since the bounce is purposely delayed as much as possible, the batter will have little time to react to the final direction of travel to the ball. Additionally, it should be said that this technique looks similar to the leg break prior to the release of the ball. This makes the job even more difficult for batsmen, as they need to guess what will be the actual delivery technique used by the bowler. Punters can try online cricket betting on 1xBet on lots of excellent players who employ all these kinds of deliveries during cricket matches.

    Unclear origins

    There is no universal agreement on who actually came up with the slider technique. However, there are a few players that are likely to have invented it. Some excellent players can be wagered on 1xBet – best live cricket match score is also available for a multitude of different matches.

    Some cricketers who have been attributed to creating the technique include:

    • Shane Warne;
    • Peter Philpott;
    • Richie Benaud;
    • and Doug Ring.

    It is possible to find evidence that points to all those players as creators of the slider. However, it seems that Doug Ring is the most likely candidate. Yet, for now it has been impossible to fully agree on that aspect. Whenever a player uses a slider, you can check the best live cricket scores on the matches they play on the 1xBet online bookmaker.