Has virtual sex come to stay?


    Exchanging caresses, kisses, cuddles and having a good night of sex are commonly desired by everyone. And the feeling of well-being that these moments of intimacy provide is almost as addictive as eating a delicious meal. 

    Science explains it, as the brain is activated by secreting the hormones that provide this feeling of happiness… In fact, touching yourself after a stressful day can have the same effect as eating a piece of chocolate, for example.

    For both physical and emotional reasons, it is clear that Live Video Sex Chat Models itself, or sexual activities, bring many benefits. But what to do when, for whatever reason, this contact stops?

    In 2020, for instance, the entire world population faced an abrupt change of routine with the arrival of the coronavirus. The pandemic had an effect not only on people’s personal lives, but also on their sex lives. Many couples had to seclude themselves in different houses or cities and with that came a sharp decline in sexual activity.

    For single people, the situation was equally complicated, as once all nightclubs and shops were closed, and with all the health regulations, it became impossible to meet people and have sex, as had been considered normal until then.

    Apart from these atypical circumstances, such as the case of a pandemic, there are also the more everyday reasons, such as the partner moving to another city, going abroad, lack of time due to overwork, etc., which can make it difficult for the couple to maintain an active and happy sex life.

    And it is precisely at this point where the importance of technology, digital platforms and virtual sex, is maximised. Skokka, leader among adult portals, knows it very well. In more than 25 countries where it is present, the access and booking of the services of the hottest escorts from Bangalore, have increased exponentially to back these claims.

    Through sexting (sending spicy messages) or video calls, escorts have made and are making the joy of many, who see online sex practices as a safe and interesting alternative.

    The advantages of virtual sex

    • It’s cheap: no need to spend money on a motel or lingerie, a good wi-fi connection and that’s it!
    • It is safe: in terms of sexually transmitted diseases, virtual sex wins because it does not pose any health risk, as there is no physical contact.
    • There is no risk of pregnancy: the same goes for unwanted pregnancies.
    • It explores the imagination: the imagination is sharpened and the senses are explored more fully by not having the person face to face.
    • It can be practised at any time and from anywhere: it is easier to combine schedules to have an intimate encounter in the secrecy of a bedroom, for example, than to have the house empty for a visit that will end in sex.
    • Many options: whether by whatsapp, google meet, zoom or skype. Video call applications allow an increasingly real experience and at no cost for calls.
    • Discretion: Virtual sex can also be done with full discretion, since if previously agreed between the parties, it is not even necessary to show faces.
    • Casual sex: Casual sex can also be much safer if it is an online experience, as it can be done with a stranger without the need for physical contact and emotional attachment.

    Whether it is a physically separated couple or a single person, here are some tips to enhance the experience for those seeking pleasure in virtual sex.

    Tips for virtual sex

    Attention to detail

    The fact that the participants are not going to meet face to face does not mean that they should neglect the details, nice clothes/lingerie, groomed hair, up-to-date shaving for those who are used to and like to do it… in other words, trying to organise themselves more or less as they would for a face-to-face encounter.

    Stimulate the imagination

    For many, not having a face-to-face partner can be a challenge, however, there are many things that can be done to enliven the moment, from the use of remote-controlled sex toys, sexual questions and challenges, fandom, submissive fetishes, etc… The sky’s the limit and the imagination has to run wild.

    Prepare the environment

    Virtual sex relies heavily on visual stimulation, so a dim light, provocative environment and sexy background music can make all the difference. Go for it!

    Although it is not certain that virtual sex is here to stay, as there are those who still prefer the famous traditional intimate sex with escorts in Newcastle, the fact is that online sex has several advantages and is an achievement in society in terms of sexual liberation. Therefore, it should be enjoyed freely and openly.