Gaming Trends – Live Casino

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    More and more people are seeking real-time experience as they enjoy their favorite casino game. They want more than just clicking the mouse to spin the wheel or deal the deck. Players desire to be on the game floor interacting with the dealer.

    live casino offers just that! With live online casinos, the games are streamed from the game room and directly to the computer screen in real time. The player can play and converse with the live dealers via the chat console.

    To assure the player that he is in a live session, some casinos place live flat-screen TVs with s news channels, such as CNN. The player may request a change of channel, if he is in doubt.

    There is much more to live casino than just chatting with a live dealer. In most casinos, it is not permitted to interact with other players. However, with live casinos, you will be able to chitter-chatter with players from all over the globe. That means anyone sitting at your table.

    Live gaming is available on both computers and mobile apps. This means that you can play from your smartphone or office. Some land-based casinos have adapted to live streaming by uploading from their game floors. 

    These casinos allow users to keep playing from their hotel rooms, store, or meeting. During the election campaign against Barack Obama, senator John McKain was caught playing poker on his laptop during the Foreign Security Commission meeting/

    How do Live Casinos Broadcast

    Live casinos employ a videographer or a studio to stream their sessions. This is why it is not possible to have test games and why you can only enter certain games. Once a table is in play, the game may not be interrupted.

    The actual game studio consists of at least three sections. The dealer room, the gaming room, and the analyst room. The player is connected to a  front end that unites the players, the dealers, and the gaming software. 

    The dealer is aided by a GTU ( Game Control Unit) device placed on each chair, The dealer can then visualize and interact with each player. The device allows for live interaction with each player and between players.

    Some casinos still have real card decks and shuffle machines during the shots to add security to players. However, operating live games incur high costs to the house. They must invest in new technology, staffing, studio equipment, and streaming software. Some casinos only offer four or up to five games tops.

    A single game like เว็บพนันออนไลน์เว็บตรง may use up to three or more cameras, for example, the roulette game uses three cameras – one for the picture in picture display, one for the wheel, and the third for the table. 

    Some casinos use a monitor system that allows the players to appear on a monitor. The dealer can then monitor the bets, close games, or act on the needed request. Monitors work hand in hand with the optical camera recognition devices. These are placed all over the room and take videos of every detail and broadcast them to the players.

    Using the example game roulette, a typical game would begin with a visual display of the dealer, the game tables, and the players at the table. The dealer will announce the opens bets and take other information while the players place their bets,

    When all bets have been placed the dealer will give the ‘no more bets’ signal and then will proceed to announce the winners, which will appear on the players’ screens.

    To better understand how live gaming has impacted the gambling industry and why it is trending upstream, we will investigate a top software provider, Evolution Gaming.

    How Evolution Gaming Has Changed the Live Casino Industry

    Driven by the passion to revolutionize the online live casino industry, Evolution Gaming has delivered changes through gaming achievements and technological breakthroughs. In 2021 the company received triple awards from the Global Gaming Awards London, including the Online Casino Supplier of the Year.

     The company’s growth can be seen by the continual addition of some of the best new casinos and new casino games.

     What is Evolution Gaming and how they have changed the live casino industry?

    Evolution Gaming is the largest supplier of live casino software in the Canadian online casino market and has been servicing the gambling industry since 2006. Besides the dedication to its live casino software, the company has made changes to the live casino industry.

     1)  Adding new games: They have created varieties of the popular six original games (slots, blackjack, poker, etc.), and added new live casino games including Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, Dragon Tiger, Deal or No Deal, etc.

    2)  Games are developed for mobile gaming: The live casino software games are created ready for the mobile market

    3)  High-Definition (HD) Games: Evolution Gaming offers the best high-definition quality to enhance user experience, with some games using up to 20 unique camera angles to allow maximum interaction.

    4)  Live Customer Support: The live casino software also provides a live customer support feature that allows for direct communication, 24 hours daily.

    What are the most common games and shows?

    By far the most popular games and shows are Baccarat LIVE, Blackjack LIVE, and Roulette LIVE. This list continues to change as Evolution Gaming adds new games and features.

     Advantages and disadvantages of Evolution Gaming-powered casinos


    ·         High betting limits

    ·         Access using your mobile phone

    ·         Live dealers

    ·         Wide variety of standard casino games

    ·         New casino games


    ·         You only have access to live dealer titles

    ·         There are no free trials

    FAQ s

    Does Evolution Gaming offer player demos that I can play?

    No, there are no player demos available as most players are usually experienced gamers.

    Are Evolution Gaming casinos safe to play at?

    Yes, all Evolution Gaming casino games are fair, random, and RNG-certified, plus the casino must be a licensed entity.

    Does Evolution Gaming have any progressive jackpots?

    Yes, evolution Gaming offers progressive jackpot programs for the following poker games: Live Casino Hold’Em, Live Caribbean Stud Poker, and Live Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker.