10 Best  Emergency Loans for Bad Credit with No Credit Check & Guaranteed Approval 

An emergency loan can make a huge difference in certain circumstances, such as when you need to pay medical bills or repair a car. The quick cash advance bridges the gap and helps you handle unforeseen expenses. However, accessing such a loan can be tricky if you have bad credit. 

Most loan lenders often perform strict credit checks before granting loans, locking out people with poor or no credit. But what if I informed you there are platforms that offer urgent loans for bad credit? Interesting right? 

Now, let us get into it straight away to learn more.

  1. iPaydayLoans – Top Rated for Emergency Credit with Guaranteed Approval

iPaydayLoans is a web-based financial broker that brings together borrowers and lenders. As a broker, the site doesn’t approve requests, make loan offers or give you the money. iPaydayLoans only facilitates a common ground for matching borrowers with potential creditors. The lenders on iPaydayLoans are willing to approve urgent loan offers for all types of borrowers, regardless of their credit score.


  • Multiple loan options

You can apply for car title loans, personal loans, installment loans, bad credit loans, and more. The amount you can borrow ranges from $50 to $20000.

  • Easy application process

The application process is straightforward and only entails filling out a simple online form. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and you can do it anywhere.

  • Free service

iPaydayLoans doesn’t charge you to connect you to lenders. The platform is free. You only pay back the amount on your loan agreement.

How to apply for emergency loans for bad credit

  1. Visit iPaydayLoans, then fill out and submit an application form.
  2. This platform will forward your application to multiple lenders. 
  3. Within a few minutes, you will receive offers from multiple creditors. Review the best-suited one for you and accept the offer.
  4. Once you sign the loan agreement online, the lender will deposit your cash within the same or the following business day.


  • No hidden charges or upfront costs.
  • Quick approval and funding.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Zero credit checks.


  • Not accessible in all states.
  1. HonestLoans – Quick Online Emergency Funds of up to $2500

HonestLoans is a free and easy-to-access online platform that enables you to acquire emergency loans on bad credit. This loan brokerage page offers different types of loans which you can select from its network of over 80 lenders. HonestLoans website is user-friendly and simple to navigate, making applying for emergency loans simple. 


  • Bank-level privacy

HonestLoans uses multilayer encryption to secure your data as stipulated by regulations. This first-class privacy protection ensures your financial information is safe.

  • No credit check

Lenders on HonestLoans won’t turn you away due to a poor or little credit score. You only need to prove you have a source of income. Even self-employment is acceptable.

  • 24/7 availability

You can visit this website via any browser and request a loan any time of the day and week. Besides, if you have any questions or need clarification, you can contact their support team on the go.


  • Trustworthy lenders.
  • Fast loan application review.
  • Full transparency.
  • Zero paperwork.


  • You can only borrow up to $5000.
  • Short repayment period.
  • High APR.
  1. WeLoans – Ideal for Flexible Bad Credit Payday Loans

WeLoans is a hub for reliable lenders who are knowingly open to working with borrowers no matter their credit status. You can get urgent funds to sort out emergencies like sudden car breakdowns. Examples of emergency loans on WeLoans include payday, personal, and title loans. Simply apply, get approved, and receive the funds in one business day. 


  • Affordable interest rates.

WeLoans lenders have a reputation for providing incredibly competitive loan rates. You need not worry about feeling exploited or connecting with a loanshark-like creditor.

  • Quick funding

Once you receive and accept a lender’s offer, they deposit your money within the shortest time possible. This often means less than 24 hours, but the period is mostly shorter.

  • Broad network of lenders

Creditors on WeLoans are reputable financial dealers who are dependable and ethical. Also, since there are many of them, it increases your chances of getting an offer that suits you.


  • Soft background check.
  • Quick approval.
  • Straightforward eligibility requirements.
  • No application fees.


  • Doesn’t accept applications from all states.
  • $35000 borrowing limit.
  • You need a checking account.
  1. Easy Payday Loans – Guaranteed Instant and Affordable Payday Loans

Easy Payday Loans offers emergency loans to help you bridge the gap to your next paycheck. These funds are typically repaid on the next payday. Easy Payday Loans is solely online-based, and the lenders on it don’t care about the state of your financial history. You can borrow up to $5000, but the exact amount is up to the respective lender’s evaluation. 


  • Lenient credit checks

Lenders on Easy Payday Loans are committed to performing soft credit checks to avoid locking anyone out. This is why they barely factor in your credit score when assessing your eligibility.

  • Simple application form

The application process only requires you to fill out a quick and straightforward online form. You only need to ensure the information you provide is factual.

  • Same day funding

Emergency loans are only helpful if they are timely. Hence, Easy Payday Loans lenders ensure you get your money the same day you apply or within the next business day.


  • Loans for any purpose.
  • Accepts all credit ratings.
  • Direct bank deposits.
  • Large lender network.


  • Short repayment window.
  • Typically high-interest rates.
  • No mobile app.
  1. US Bad Credit Loans – Get Emergency Loans with Zero Credit Checks

US Bad Credit Loans is an online loan broker that creates a stress-free borrowing experience for all borrowers regardless of their credit score. It provides a simple and guaranteed way to access emergency funds without undergoing hard credit checks. Also, US Bad Credit Loans doesn’t require collateral or cosigning, even if you have a low credit score. 


  • User-friendly interface

To simplify the borrowing process, this platform has an intuitive website that is easy to access and navigate. This makes completing the loan application a walk in the park.

  • Convenient loan options

There are multiple loan options ranging from title loans to payday loans. It is easy to find an option that suits you, and some offers let you borrow up to $30000 with bad credit. 

  • Secure platform

You can rest assured any data you share on US Bad Credit Loans is safe and secure from third parties and scammers. Using this platform won’t expose you to the risk of financial fraud.


  • Data encryption.
  • Borrow up to $30000.
  • Quick lender feedback.
  • Accepts bad credit.


  • The loan options menu is slightly confusing.
  • No joint loans. 
  • Not accessible in every state. 
  1. Fast Title Loans – Speedy Title Loans With Guaranteed Approval

Fast Title Loans is different from most platforms on this list because it requires collateral in the form of your car, truck, or another vehicle title. To access a cash advance on this site, you need to sign over your car title to the lender. However, you get it back upon completion of loan repayment. Fast Title Loans considers all types of credit.


  • Accepts most car makes and models

On this platform, you need not worry about your car being rejected. Fast Title Loans allows you to use almost any car as collateral, provided you have the right documents.

  • Standard car valuation

The amount you are eligible for depends on a fair and standard valuation conducted by the lender. They determine the value per the current market prices. 

  • No effect on credit score

Since you are using your vehicle as collateral, a title loan can’t affect your credit score in any significant way. It can only affect it if your car gets repossessed since the lender has to report this to the credit bureau. 


  • Saves you a trip to physical title loan stores.
  • Friendly and transparent.
  • Accepts boat and motorcycle titles.
  • Fewer credit checks.


  • Higher risk of being trapped in a debt cycle. 
  • Your car may be repossessed if you fall behind on payment.
  • Higher interest rates. 
  1. UnityLoan – Fast Emergency Loans For Bad Credit

On UnityLoan, bad credit is not a barrier to accessing emergency funds. The lenders on this platform are willing to overlook your poor credit score provided you prove you have a source of income. This is used to evaluate your ability to repay. You can apply for up to $5000 and receive your funds shortly after approval. 


  • Multiple loan options

You can request a payday loan, same-day loan, bad credit loan, and installment loan, amongst others. This means you will always find an offer that suits your needs.

  • No usage restriction 

UnityLoan doesn’t limit what you can do with the money you borrow. You can use the funds to handle any emergency expenses, from medical bills to house repairs.

  • No hidden charges

Once you sign a loan agreement, no other charges will be introduced later. The lenders are trustworthy, and you only pay back what was agreed upon. 


  • You receive offers within minutes of submitting a request.
  • It doesn’t impact your credit score.
  • Soft credit evaluation.
  • No collateral is needed.


  • High APR.
  • Low borrowing limit.
  • Limited customer support.
  1. CocoLoan – Quick Affordable Online Loans With No Credit Check

CocoLoan is an esteemed online loan service that specializes in connecting borrowers with a network of potential lenders. The process between applying and receiving money only requires you to fill out an online form and wait a few minutes. You can turn to this platform whenever you need to handle a biting cash crunch. CocoLoan guarantees a fair application review and quick funding. 


  • Access from anywhere

CocoLoan is online based, so there’s no limit to when you access their loan services. You can apply from any location at any time, day or night.

  • Excellent customer service

In case you need help with the loan offers, you can always contact the folks at CocoLoan. They are reachable via the email address available on their website.

  • No requirement of formal employment

You don’t need to be a 9 to 5 employee to qualify for a cash advance on CocoLoan. The lenders only require you to have a stable and verifiable source of income.


  • Request up to $35000 and as little as $100.
  • Hosts industry-leading lenders.
  • Bad credit is not a problem.
  • Free service.


  • Loan minimum is $100.
  • You need an active bank account.
  • The higher loan limit increases the risk of borrowing more than you need.
  1. US Installment Loans – Best No Credit Check Installment Loans

As the name implies, US Installment Loans lets you acquire an installment loan without undergoing a stringent eligibility evaluation. Installment loans are simply cash advances that are repaid in the form of installments. You may borrow from as little as $500 to over $5000 and use it to deal with any financial emergency. 

Furthermore, US Installment Loans is versatile and offers more than just emergency loans. You will also find other loan options like payday, same-day, and title loans. 


  • Swift decision making

Timeliness is a factor for emergency loans, so the lenders on this website only take a little bit of time to approve your application. They review it and get back to you with offers in minutes.

  • Multiple loan offers

US Installment Loans allows you to access many lenders, so you have multiple offers to consider. When presented with many loan offers, it’s easier to find an affordable one. 

  • High loan limit

Since you can borrow up to $35000, you can do more with the loan. US Installment Loans enables you to finance small or big emergencies. 


  • Get between $50 to $35000.
  • Longer repayment period.
  • No extra charges.
  • Good customer service.


  • High-interest rate.
  • No mobile app.
  • Doesn’t support joint loans.
  1. US Title Loans – Great Title Loans for Bad Credit

Despite the name, US Title Loans doesn’t require you to submit your car title to access an emergency loan. For urgent cash, you only need to fill out the simple application form and wait for lenders to get back to you with offers. Due to the time-critical nature of emergency loans, these creditors only carry out soft credit checks. Thus, you can get up to or more than $5000 within a short while. 


  • Easy application submission

The application process is done entirely online via a form. You need not worry about signing physical documents or leaving your couch.

  • Data privacy

Details of your application, the information you provide, and how much you receive are entirely confidential. US Title Loans take stringent measures to keep your financial information secure.

  • Affordable rates

The lenders on US Title Loans offer industry-standard loan rates, which are convenient and affordable. Also, since you receive multiple loan offers, simply select the most affordable one.


  • Bad credit is okay.
  • Accessible via any browser. 
  • Doesn’t impact your credit score negatively.


  • It may take longer to get money since lenders often prefer a physical car inspection.
  • Only available in some states.
  • Risk of losing your car.


  1. How long do emergency loans for bad credit take to get approved? 

Most bad credit loans are approved almost instantly, and the funds are deposited the same day or within the next business day. While some may take up to three business days, this is highly unlikely.

  1. Which criteria determine eligibility for urgent loans for bad credit with no credit check?

To access this type of cash advance, you only need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 and above.
  • Be a USA resident.
  • Have a valid form of identification.
  • Possess an active bank account.
  • Prove a stable and reliable source of income.
  1. What should I consider before applying for urgent loans online?
  • Terms and conditions

Different lenders offer different loan conditions. Before signing an agreement, review their terms to see if they favor you.

  • Processing speed

Urgent loans are for settling emergency expenses that can’t wait. Hence, you need a borrower who will deposit your money instantly after you accept their offer. For example, a delay in depositing the funds can be life-threatening in the case of medical expenses.

  • Cost 

Check out the entire loan cost and calculate how much you will pay back in total. Also, ensure the lender you choose doesn’t have processing or application charges. You should go for the creditor with the least cost.

  1. What are urgent loans for bad credit commonly used for?

There is no limitation to what you can use your emergency funds for. However, some of the most common uses include:

  • Debt consolidation.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Car and house repairs.
  • Buying household utilities.
  • Holidays/vacations.

Final Verdict

Seeing as you have come this far and gone through the entirety of this guide, the decision is now yours to make. You need to evaluate which platform suits you best and which bad credit loan offer would meet your needs. 

However, I recommend you use iPaydayLoans. Amongst the websites listed, it offers the largest collection of lenders, has the most loan options, and is the most user-friendly. Remember, evaluate a loan offer carefully before accepting. 


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