The effects of testosterone hormone to the human body

Testosterone is a hormone which is very vital for the life of a human male. It is produced immediately 7 weeks after conception and begins working its magic in the human body. The hormone is known to affect different things in the body from sexuality, growth, behavior and even the mass or body density ultimately. To boost the amount of testosterone for those in need of it, consider undergoing some testosterone therapies or better yet resort to options like steroids which help improve the production of testosterone in your body. By finding a great store online to Buy Test E from, you only need guidance from a doctor to understand the effect this could have in the following systems in your body today.

Endocrine System 

Did you know that even though testosterone hormone is produced in the testis, a part of it is produced by the adrenal glands? The body directs the amount of testosterone hormone that should be produced even though it has been found that steroids could artificially be used to improve production of testosterone hormone in the body. Since women also produce low amounts of testosterone, they depend on the adrenal glands and ovaries for the same. For boys, the production of testosterone is continuous from birth to full growth as it helps with the development of the male features.

Reproductive system 

During fetus formation, the formation of the male organs in the body begins 7 weeks after conception. You will also need the hormone later in your life during puberty to allow for the growth and development of your sexual organs for instance the penis and the testicles. When steroids are used effectively, they help improve the quality of testosterone production in the body to boost up your desire. These steroids can also be a good potential solution to use when tackling erectile dysfunction today. It is however not without risk that testosterone therapy could lead to enlarged prostate, soft testicles and small sized testicles. 


When transforming from boys to men, there are many parts that depend on production of testosterone in order to grow. These include the penis, pubic hair and testicles. Sexual changes increase with libido which is also the reason many people believe steroids can help improve the sex life of an individual. Low sex drive is a blow to the self-esteem of any many people in worse case scenarios; you might end up developing erectile dysfunction. Women that use testosterone boosters and steroids also risk developing male traits like being muscular, growing a lot of body hair and voice deepening over time. 

Central Nervous system 

The testicles only produce as much testosterone hormone as directed by the pituitary gland in the body. There are control measures of the body to regulate hormones produced for effective growth. Research shows that increased testosterone hormone production in the body could easily increase the aggressiveness of someone. Low testosterone mitigates confidence, reduced motivation and no energy to handle life challenges as they come. Even though the hormone influences the behavior of a person, the environment and few other biological factors have a role to play in the same. 

Skin and hair

Through the various stages of growth and development, you will need enough testosterone in your body for changes to fully surface. Having enough testosterone in the body should however not be an issue as the human male body produces it naturally and in large amounts. High levels of this hormone in the body will increase pubic changes like growth of hair on face, armpits and private parts. The hormone can also help patch up minor skin irritation. Long term use of steroids to boost the production of testosterone can however affect the quality of your skin and hair through problems like acne and premature balding. 

Muscle, fat and bones

You should know that testosterone hormone is a vital ingredient in proper development of muscle bulk. The neurotransmitters that are responsible for tissue growth are increased in your body when there is a high amount of testosterone in it. By increasing the bone density, you can perk up red blood cells production. Low testosterone can easily lead to the increase of fats in your body which is the reason many people begin using steroids to mitigate the fats in the body and boost strength. There are also other testosterone injections and therapies which you can use however under the guidance of a professional doctor. 

What should I know about steroids?

AAS or steroids as they are commonly known are very popular in the world today and exist in many forms. To search for the best option means getting suggestions and guidance from those people who are well versed with it. It also means that you have to do intensive research to understand a number of factors as discussed below. 

Where to buy – there are numerous internet drug stores to check out when looking for steroids, how do you however know the right one for your use? Check the reputation of the store, their price range for products and ultimately whether or not you can find branded steroid options to buy. 

Quality to buy – Having ascertained that the market has different types of steroids, you must be sure of the steroids you are purchasing. Find out the kind of reviews that users have for the different steroids used before you choose the one for you. Consider looking at factors like side effects, merits and demerits before buying.

How to use – make sure you read all the instructions on the label of the steroids to know the right dosage to adhere to. Many people have also been successful with steroids because they comply with their doctors and trainer’s instructions all through the procedure. Avoid common mistakes like overdosing on the drugs or worse yet failing to have the right support program to use for instance the diet to live on, intensity of training to consider among other factors that will determine your body formation and transformation. 


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