PPC to startup businesses: main things to consider

Being a startup company in today’s digital world is a tough thing because launching a business may be easy but making it successful and a profitable one is another thing. Startupers are usually stuck in the problems connected with digital marketing and budget management. This often leads to ignoring paid advertising and trying to manage all on their own. But unfortunately the majority fails and the market “keeps” only those startupers who are walking with the new trends and changes. 

One of the main strategies that a startup business needs is definitely PPC marketing.

PPC or pay-per-click advertising can be the fuel to every company,  for all businesses and especially for newly-opened ones. It’s the type when the advertiser is charged whenever the ad is clicked by an online user. It’s a powerful tool and if created professionally, it will bring quick results in a short term. In order to create and manage successful PPC campaigns, luckily there are many PPC management platforms, which make the process easier and bring better results. The platforms are now so developed that can be used easily both by non-professionals and experienced marketers. You can go here and read more about the platform in detail.

Before creating and launching a PPC campaign, it is important to consider some main things in PPC ads to escape failures and minimize risks. Here they are:

Less is more. One of the main problems when a startup fails in PPC advertising is using a too long list of keywords with multiple ad groups and campaigns at once. With this strategy they hope to enter the market faster as the competition is high. But it will surely not work because a startup company is usually with a limited budget. Besides, while trying to figure out all the campaigns, they’ll get lost in the flow. Instead, choose the most relevant keywords and set 1-3 campaigns with 2-3 ad groups. 

Define the goals for the PPC ad. This step should not be ignored. Whatever your current marketing goal is right now, the PPC ad’s goal should be the same. Think of the goals you want to achieve, clearly define them and then go ahead.

Optimize Landing pages. When an online searcher clicks on the PPC ad you created, which suggests a specific service/product of yours, but then appears to be driven to your homepage, or to another page, they’ll likely leave the website. This is not professional, this is an error you should definitely avoid and try to fix before launching a ppc campaign.

Research your competitors’ paid ads.  This can be done by simply typing  the most relevant keywords in Google, that can find you and the paid ads of your competitors will come up. As a startup company you have to know your competitors, be aware of their paid ads and try to understand the keys of their success.

Write an ad copy that Will convert.  Above all these mentioned tios, the first thing that will catch your reader’s eye is surely your Ad. Learning how to write a copy that sells is a matter of time and specialization. Once you learn the basics, you’ll never forget them. A selling ad copy must arouse emotions, should “force” the reader to click on the link for more details, it must ‘promise’ them a solution to their problems and meanwhile tell them why to choose you. The important parts of the ad body are the headlines, the display and the discriptions. 

Considering these main steps you’ll have a well-created and successful PPC ad that will bring you faster results and push ahead your startup business. 


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