SARMs are a relatively new invention that has open a new horizon in the application of medical aid in the performance and physique enhancement. Sports men and fitness freaks cannot deny the importance of anabolic steroids for improving their looks and strength but anabolic steroids have a large number of associated adverse effects. Most of them are already banned and illegal plus un-fit for consumption. It is claimed that SARMs for sale because of their selective action on the androgenic receptors are capable of replicating the benefits and advantages of steroids and not causing adverse effects. 


    SARMS is the acronym of selective androgenic receptor modulator and they are currently available as the research chemicals at the drug stores and much of the trials and human testing is yet to be done to establish a definitive diagnosis, but it is believed that they have the performance improvement potential. 

    Now as they are gaining popularity there is a flood of vendors out in the market claiming to have the best of the best product. It is very important to get your hands on the right and genuine product to reap maximum benefits because most of the claims are bogus and making money is their prime motive. 

    It is important to know about the certified and licensed vendors so that one cannot fall victim to any fancy just a strong marketing game campaign. This article will serve as a guide to its readers regarding the quality SARMS and authentic vendors out there.

    Following are some of the verified fellas ensuring quality and well-being of the mankind is their primary working principle.

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    There are many operating channels in the drug market and online who claim to have the best product. It is the consumer’s prime duty to look out for all possible ways to confirm the authenticity of the vendor. There are a number of parameters that can be considered such as gathering online information, quality and format of website, pricing and delivery services, money back guarantee and Customer helpline desk. If any of the vendor is fulfilling the above-mentioned criteria than you are probably in the safe hands.

    Following are some of the most recommended channels to get your SARMS from:

    1. Spectre Labs:

    Spectre labs is considered to be one of the best channels to buy SARMS. They claim to offer highest quality SARMS in capsular form to ensure correct dosing and for research trials. They have all the types of SARMS available. Quality and transparency are their main working principle. Their products are tested and verified by third-party laboratories. They also have purity and concentration lab reports publicly visible and also sent with each batch or product you purchase.

    Spectre labs is the online operating channel from where one can buy SARMS online. They offer reliable shipping that is free of cost and same day delivery services within the prescribed area. Discrete packaging is ensured to deliver the product in its best form and protect from degradation and any kind of contamination.

    You can order all leading and famous SARMS such as rad 140 SARM, MK 677, S 23, YK 11 and many more. They have a well-integrated network of qualified experts that ensure smooth customer services such as moneyback guarantee, secure check-outs, order tracking alerts and easy returns. They have a customer facilitation desk that works round the clock.

    1. Finest Gears:

    One can confidently say that Finest gears is the best of the dealers in SARMs. They have best and scientifically tested SARMs. They have RAD 140, GW 501516 and one can also get MK 677 for sale. All of the SARMs are third part tested. If any of the product fails to meet their standards it is withdrawn.

    They have a large range and available both in powder and solution form. It packs their products in big bottles measuring 50 ml bottles. They have a help-line desk operating non-stop and multiple payment options are there such as Bitcoin, credit card or E checks.

    It has a huge bank of positive reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers that speaks for the reputation and authenticity of Finest gears. They also offer discount codes and promotional offers. So, if you are willing to purchase do not forget to use one.

    1. AAS Pharmacy:

    AAS Pharmacy is a relatively new but it has best SARMS on the market because they offer effective and tested SARMs. They have both types of powder and liquid forms of SARMs and they also get their products checked by a third party where they are tested for their authenticity by checking for the purity and then verifying them. They have analysis reports and certificates of all the products on their websites.

    They claim that they have 99% pure products. They have all sort of famous and mostly ordered SARMs such as ostarine (MK 2866) and Andarine (S4). They pretty much have all the products required to run the cutting or the bulking cycles. 

    Domestic shipping is free of cost and minimal time is required. International orders are charged but they weave off the shipment charges if the order is above 299 dollars. Promotional codes can be used to save few extra bucks.

    1. Iron Daddy:

    Iron Daddy is also has the feather of being one of the most prominent and trusted name in the world of SARMS vendors. They have a large variety of different kinds of research chemicals such as SARMS, peptides, ancillaries, oils and prohormones. 

    It is beneficial because one can get all the necessary drugs under one roof and one can start right away with the respective cycle. They pass their products through thorough verification process to ensure only pure, tested and verified are uploaded for sale. Each product has its own analysis report that is open for public and this is only possible if you have a trusted and authentic business. 

    Order placement is a very simple procedure you just have to add the desired product for example buy MK 677 and after selecting just fill in the required information and enjoy the comfort of your home while waiting for the product to get delivered at your doorstep. You are properly guide at each step to ensure a smooth purchase. At the completion a tracking number is issued to keep the client updated regarding the status of shipment. Delivery is ensured is minimal possible time.

    1. World of Roids:

    This is another online vendor that has gained immense respect and trust because of the quality services they are providing. They have a wide range of research chemicals and all performance enhancing related products such as peptides, nootropics, PCT supplements and all sorts of SARMS. One can buy RAD 140 and all other commonly purchased SARMS. 

    One of the most promising and differentiating property is that it stocks SARMS in all three types of physical forms which are:

    • Capsular form with pre-determined doses
    • Bulk powder form
    • Liquid formulation bottles

    They are also following all the testing protocols and have each and every product checked via third party testing services and have the testing analysis reports displayed and also shipped with each article. They are working effectively at the domestic levels but international shipment scale is not that vast. If you are an international client, make sure to check the list of countries where they are operating to avoid any future discomfort.

    Customer friendly service, with 7 days return policy of un-opened package is offered. Online helpline desk is also working tirelessly to ensure customer satisfaction and keep updated the websites by providing all the relevant information regarding the products they offer and keep making amendments as per the feedback they receive.

    1. Roid Factory:

    It is one of the trusted online channels that is operating for quite some years now. Their specialty is research chemicals. SARMS is their specialty and they also have top-notch quality of other products such as nootropics. Some of the SARMS are Rad 140 for sale and others are MK 677 (ibutamoren), and Ligandrol (4033).

    They have third party authenticity check certifications for each product. They offer one of the best customer services and offer a full payment refund if the product fails to meet the customer’s standard. They claim to offer the most budget-friendly prices in the SARMS industry. 

    They have exciting offers that are eye catchy and can also help you save few bucks by awarding points on each purchase and redeeming them in future in the form of discount on your next purchase. 


    SARMS are research chemicals and in spite of favoring the bodybuilding community in improving their looks and performing abilities, are still categorized as research chemicals and are available at the pharmacies and online portals and can be sold and purchased from online platforms. A lot of testing, trials especially in humans is pending to establish any definitive status of respective SARMS. They usually do not cause any serious side effects but in case on notices always consult without any further delay.