Anabolic steroids advantages when combined with specific diet and exercise can help an individual achieve their respective physique and performance enhancement goals in less time, but anabolic steroids are risky drugs and they need to be careful.


    Bodybuilders use steroids for two reasons either bulking or cutting and are they take them in cycles known as cutting cycles and bulking hcg benefits. Sometimes anabolic steroids are taken signally and the cycle either cutting or bulking are known as solo cycles. Sometimes they are used in combinations and the combos are known as stacks. 


    Doctors do not recommend anabolic steroids for sale for cosmetic gains as they have a number of adverse effects associated with them but one can gain some advantages if one uses them with consultation under supervision. Using them in low doses for short durations can save you from adverse effects. There are some of the factors that one needs to consider while opting a steroid which are as follows:

    1. Age of consumer.
    2. Gender of consumer.
    3. Basic purpose behind the intake either fat loss or muscle gains.
    4. Tolerability of the previous dose.
    5. Stage of professional which are:
    • Beginner’s level
    • Intermediate level
    • Professional level

    Taking the right steroid depending on the level of professionalism will cause the desired effect. Ideally at beginner’s level one must take mild steroids with less androgenic effects and fewer adverse effects. Taking strong steroids in larger amounts in the start will cause more harm than good and proper regime has to be followed with the conclusion with a good post cycle therapy to minimize the side effects.


    It is an important point to know that first time users are more likely to suffer from the adverse effects as their body is not use to steroids. One can buy steroids online that are safe for first cycle such as:

    1. Testosterone
    2. Anavar
    3. Dianabol 


    Testosterone is the most likely anabolic steroid to be administered for the first cycles because the beginners want to add muscle mass without involving potent steroids and testosterone is very effective but with fewer side effects making it a favorite among the few options for the beginners.

    The con with the testosterone is that it is available in the injectable form and individuals hesitating to get pricked repeatedly can opt for other oral steroid options which will be discussed shortly. 

    Testosterone is available in ester linkage composition such as:

    1. Testosterone propionate
    2. Testosterone enanthate
    3. Testosterone cypionate
    4. Testosterone undecanoate
    5. Sustanon 250
    6. Testosterone aqueous suspension

    All the above-mentioned esters have more or less same effects, some are short acting and one needs to get them administered more frequently and vice versa. They help in making muscles and increasing the strength and endurance of the athlete’s body.

    Testosterone suspension is just the concentrated aqueous solution and is not recommended for the first cycle as it abruptly enters the system and affects the body rather than slowly entering the system. It also requires a relatively big needle for administration making it a very un-pleasant experience for the beginners.


    Anavar is the brand name of oxandrolone. It is considered one of the stable, mild, female friendly plus beginners friendly and ideal for the first cycle. It helps in preserving the present lean muscle mass along with adding some of the lean muscles helping in overall increase of muscles. Burns excessive fat and gives you a trimmed look. it is taken orally and the best thing is that it is very effective even at lower doses at which Anavar is less likely to cause any adverse effects. It is less potent than testosterone but because of less androgenicity it is favored by many. One of the cons is that is an expensive steroid.

    It is also female friendly and is loved by the female athletes and bodybuilders. It can be given even to children because of less toxicity. Some of the effects can be suppression of intrinsic testosterone, acne, oily skin and high levels of cholesterols.



    Dianabol is one of the best bulking steroids. It is taken orally and helps in gaining volumes of muscles (estimated up to 70lbs after the first cycle, combined with appropriate diet and exercise). It is suitable for the first cycle but only when taken in small amounts. Side effects are slightly more than the 2 already discussed which are:

    • High blood pressure
    • Alopecia
    • Gynecomastia
    • Liver toxicity
    • Acne

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