Top 7 reasons to take SAFe Agilist certification


    The fact that business entities have to adapt to turbulent changes and work accordingly has brought the concept of agility. With agility comes the SAFe scaling agile framework, which is meant to prove that an organization can quickly achieve its goal with correct strategic, agile practices. It makes your foundation of lean agile transformation so strong that there is no doubt you will be at an edge over your peers.

    If we see it from the perspective of an organization, then adopting the SAFe, agile framework alone need not be of value. A company can benefit by making its employees certified in SAFe agility. Nearly 94% of the companies have already adopted agile—source: The 15th State of Agile Report.

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    To build business agility in a fast marketplace, the entire organization must be knowledgeable about lean-agile practices and their implementation skills. It gives you the power to carve your future in be an inspiration for your organization. You will adapt to the changes faster than others. 

    Here are the top 7 reasons you should take a leading SAFe certification course.

    • Smooth adoption of agile practices

    Agile transformation and methodology knowledge are insufficient when dealing with a team or the whole organization. When different teams come together to build a product, a clash of views might result in a delay in development and create a mess. SAFe certification will prepare you to handle such situations smoothly and implement a uniform approach to dealing with your team. It’s essential that your team works together and not in different small groups. They should be goal-oriented and focused. Once you become agile, you will have the right skills to plan, execute and implement Agile in your projects. 

    • Implementation 

    Once you become certified, the Leading SAFe certification course allows you to implement agile principles in your project and team. In large organizations, it’s not easy to lead and inspire your team to work collaboratively. However, this certification teaches you what scaling agile values you can add and follow to increase the agility of your team members.

    • Leadership and confidence

    With SAFe certification, you learn to build leadership skills. Your company is responsible for enhancing your soft skills. During the certification, you will encounter many experienced and skilled people. Once you are confident in what you communicate, you will learn to lead your team efficiently.

    • Enhance productivity

     SAFe Agilist Course gives you the competence to adopt the changing priorities. Adopting agile principles and practices will increase team productivity. According to the 15th state of the agile report, team productivity has increased to 60% because of agile adoption. Agile transformations are essential in increasing productivity levels.

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    • Global Recognition

    SAFe Agilist certification is globally recognized and holds great value. Adding this certification to your resume will land you in high-paying jobs at top positions. 

    You will never have any difficulty finding good jobs in your niche. This certification is valuable internationally and may land you in international jobs of excellent standards. People are more enthusiastic about taking up SAFe certifications because no one wants to lose an opportunity.

    • Consistency

    SAFe is also known to build consistency over time in its candidates. Earning this credential will allow you to implement agile strategies more efficiently in building valuable products. 

    • Decreases time to market

    With the proper planning and execution of agile release cycles, you can quickly deliver your projects within the given deadlines. The Leading SAFe Certification Course also includes the lean agile usage of DevOps. SAFe Agilist certification gives you the power to be more accurate in your work and bring out the best quality work with 100% customer satisfaction.

    Final thoughts

    SAFe is known for its agility, visibility, process improvement, customer satisfaction, and adoption of sudden changes. It opens new doors for your career and helps you get high-paying job opportunities without much hassle. It is one of the most recognized certifications worldwide that adds value to your resume.  

    You can prepare yourself by solving model test papers and becoming aware of the adopted agile practices by organizations.