The Dilemma of Choicelessness: The Polish Casino Industry


    It was a toasty spring afternoon in Marseille, France, and the GambleVision conference was in full swing. The welcome ceremony was done, and the experts had some time to themselves to walk around town. Milan Rabszski, a famous Polish gambling expert, was among these people. It was a good time, too, releasing the participants from the previous pandemic issues and its subsequent travel restrictions.

    Philipp Ganster, the noted Austrian expert, and Milan happen to be good friends. They go back a ways and helped each other out a lot when they were getting started. That friendship has remained strong, but now that they had a chance to catch up, they decided to sit down at Coogee cafe in Baille Boulevard and chat. Invariably, the topic of conversation shifted to gambling — specifically, the Polish situation. And the two experts exchanged a lot of insight into prospects’ vision of the legalne polskie kasyno online.

    It is from this sparkling conversation that we bring you excerpts to fuel this article about the lack of choice facing Polish gamblers. This passage was made in the footsteps of the article based on the conversation of our pals, which was published in one of the well-known French finance journals under the special column, “We are allowed to overhear conversations.”  So, with that in mind, let us dive in.

    The Great Sadness of Our Time

    “I’m sad,” Milan begins but is cut off by his friend.

    “This is no longer news,” says Ganster, completely straight-faced. “You always were. You should probably get that checked out. Maybe talk to someone.”

    Milan laughs. “Why would I want to talk to anyone else when I have you?”

    And it is true. Milan hasn’t had a chance to converse with Philipp in a while, and now that he does, he brings up his main concern. Gamblers in Poland have no choice at all when deciding to go to an online casino. The only legal place to do so is Total Casino, which is owned and operated by Totalizator Sportowy. When there is only one option available, can it really be called choice? Milan does not think so.

    “Is it that bad?” asks Ganster. “Because if it is, then maybe it’d be a problem, but if it isn’t? Less so.”

    Is Total Casino Good or Bad?

    “It’s pretty good, actually,” Milan replies. “Let me tell you why.”


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    A Comparison: Milan Rabszski Project at Your Service

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    How Totalizator Sportowy Got A Polish License

    Until recently, the governmental monopoly was restricted to only a few games, such as number games, cash lotteries, and telebingo (in practice, telebingo games are not currently organized). However, as of April 2017, the scope of the monopoly has been significantly broadened and strengthened. State-owned Totalizator Sportowy now offers casino-style games online and operates slot machine parlors, according to a recent announcement. 

    Totalizator Sportowy has been allowed exclusive use of each of these places. Furthermore, in April 2017, Totalizator Sportowy was granted exclusive permission to organize multi-jurisdictional lotteries in Poland, which had previously been unavailable on the Polish market.

    It is easy to see that the only reason why Totalizator Sportowy got a pass is that it is a state-owned entity. Other private groups can operate certain things, but only Totalizator Sportowy runs an online casino legally.

    Furthermore, Poland’s regulator established a blacklist of gaming domain names on April 1, 2017. Every gambling website that is directed at Polish recipients (i.e., websites that are in Polish or advertise to Poles) and that are operated by gambling operators who do not hold a valid Polish gaming license will be included in this category.

    The Importance of Legality

    The Polish people – and Varsovians (residents of Warsaw) in particular – are not particularly fond of rules and regulations, and the Polish language has multiple phrases to convey this trait.

    Cwaniak, which translates as “hustler,” is a term used to describe someone who is constantly attempting to outsmart or circumvent the system. Kombinowac (to scheme or plot), cwaniakować (to be clever), and załatwić (which can be interpreted as “getting things done,” frequently through the use of connections, charm, or unlawful means) are all words that can be used to describe people.

    And, despite the fact that the ability to cheat the system and get things done is highly regarded throughout the country, as a 1963 Polish song by Stanislaw Grzesiuk puts it, the Warsaw hustler is renowned as “the biggest hustler of them all.”

    “Speak for yourself,” Gangster says with a laugh. “You changed the face of Polish gambling forever.”

    Milan only smiles politely in reply. “However, with all that, Poles do prefer using legal means when there is an option. The fact that Total Casino is a good casino helps, but it doesn’t stop Poles from branching out and trying new things and casinos whenever they get the chance.”

    “Thanks to you and TopKasynoOnline, you mean.”

    “Oh, you flatterer.”

    Chances of a Better Tomorrow?

    “Well that’s nice,” comments Ganster. “I understand why you’re sad, but try to look on the bright side. Look at Canada, for example. They legalized single sports betting after how many years of struggling? If the Polish people want it badly enough, they will fight for it and get it.”

    According to the “Gambling Affair,” a political scandal that erupted in 2009, some prominent members of the government and the ruling party colluded with gambling business owners to amend gambling laws to their advantage. The current state of gambling regulations is largely the result of this collusion and attempts to amend gambling laws in their favor. In response to the incident, the government passed the Lobbying Disclosure Act, which was intended to demonstrate that the government is not affected by lobbying. As a result, the Act is extremely severe, with substantial segments of the gaming industry being outlawed.

    Generally speaking, the government continues to be opposed to gambling in general, believing it to be an addictive activity and a problematic enterprise. It is not illegal, however, because it is a significant source of national revenue. Nonetheless, the numerous prohibitions on gambling are commonly regarded as a substantial impediment to the development of the business as a whole. This issue has been raised more than once in our podcasts. 

    “But we can hope,” Milan concludes with a wan smile. “We can always hope. After all, change is the only constant in life.”

    “Exactly. Why don’t you pay the bill for a change, then?”

    “Sometimes, you make it hard to be your friend.”

    Ganster only laughs.

    Note: Unfortunately, on the issue date of this article (March 2022), the legalization of the private gambling industry is undergoing a number of difficulties in Poland, so the content in this article is used only for informational purposes and available to users outside of Poland.