Online Gambling Rising in the USA


    Online gambling has been popular for a long time in the USA, however it’s only recently that it’s seen a significant spike to become one of the most celebrated pastimes. There’s a number of reasons as to why this is the case. We’ve taken a closer look at why online gambling is becoming so popular for US players. 


    This is without a doubt the most common reason why online gambling has become so popular for US players. Online gambling has become legal in a large proportion of US states. It means that players have access to regulated sites for the first time, which is giving them the trust and confidence to try the sites out. It also means that sites, such as GambleUSA are able to cover fully licensed sites and give players a legal choice for the first time. 

    Because online gambling wasn’t legal before, it meant that the only option for online gambling was offshore sites. This is obviously not always a trustworthy method to play. The advent of legal online gambling allowed players the chance to enjoy a trustworthy site for the first time. This is what led to the spike in online players. 

    Why did it Cause the Spike?

    To put it simply, it meant that there were two sections of online players who started using the sites. The first section was players who already used online casinos, the offshore players. As they were already used to playing online, the influx of legal sites meant that they had no need to play at illegal sites anymore, so they switched their business to the more legitimate sites. This meant that a big portion of revenue that was leaving the country instantly stayed inside the US, which had a positive knock on impact on businesses and the economy. 

    The second section of online players was players who wanted to play online, but didn’t trust the offshore sites. As more states started to offer legal online gambling, it meant that players who were worried about offshore sites had a legal option to enjoy. 

    Both of these sections of players have come together to help the US online casino market become one of the most popular in the world. Although it’s experienced a rapid rate of growth, the question remains, does it have potential for further growth?

    Growing Further

    There are two aspects that make the future growth of the online gambling market in the US have a positive outlook. The first, is that not all players who want to try out online gambling, are aware of the legal sites. It means that they’ve still not made the move to playing at online gambling sites, even though they may want to do so. 

    The second, is players in states that still haven’t legalized online gambling. These players are ready to make the move to playing at legal sites, but they are unable to do so at the moment. This is quite a big market that’s ready and waiting to get started. It’s actually quite a lot of tax revenue that’s going to waste by not allowing players to enjoy the legal sites. 

    Both of these together, means that there is still quite a large amount of growth available for the online gambling market in the USA. As such, it could continue to rise well into the future, as more options become available to players across the country.