Interesting facts about Marijuana Concentrates


    Marijuana concentrate are among the most popular Cannabis formats for a good reason. They are highly potent, tasty, and enjoyable to consume. Concentrates are a potent delight that has become the preferred cannabis product of many cannabis enthusiasts. However, with so many different textures and methods of consumption, the world of concentrates can quickly become confusing, so we’ve put together this handy guide:

    What Are Marijuana Concentrates?

    Marijuana concentrates contain incredibly high cannabinoids (the compounds responsible for cannabis’s effects), terpenes (the compounds responsible for cannabis tastes and fragrances), and other cannabis compounds. Due to their high cannabinoid content, concentrates often reach THC levels of over 60%, and some (like distillate) even reach 90%. This is why THC is more powerful than cannabis flower, hence popular among those who prefer strong cannabis products.

    How Are Concentrates Made?

    Concentrates are created using two main extraction methods: solvent-based and solventless.

    Solvent-based extraction procedures employ specific solvents to remove plant material from its resinous trichomes (containing cannabinoids, terpenes, and other goodies). Ethanol, CO2, and butane are the most often used solvents. These solvents then send to the plant material before being removed with heat from the prepared mixture. In principle, this should result in a finished product containing the plant’s extract and no traces of solvent solely.

    Solventless extracts are created without the use of any solvent. It’s manufactured utilizing a rosin press, a hydraulic press with heated plates. Physicists physically shake and grind plant material’s trichomes to produce simpler concentrates, such as hash and kief.

    Many health-conscious cannabis consumers choose solventless concentrates since they are guaranteed to contain no traces of solvents, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

    What Is the Distinction Between Live and Cured Concentrates?

    Aside from changes in extraction procedures, there are also discrepancies in raw material processing. Some concentrates may be labeled ‘cured,’ while others may be labeled ‘life.’ Cured concentrates are created from plant material that has been cured, whereas living concentrates are not.

    Cannabis flower is traditionally treated after harvesting to improve their suitability for smoking. The natural moisture in the buds is removed during the curing process to dry them out and make them easier to smoke. However, the curing process tends to remove some of the terpenes in flower, as well as the flavor. Cure concentrates are the best bet for the more frugal consumer.

    Live concentrates are created by freezing plant material as soon as it is gathered. This material is thawed before extraction and ends up in your dab rig. By freezing the material immediately after harvesting, the curing process is avoided, ensuring that the final product retains as many of its natural terpenes as possible.

    How Do You Take Cannabis Concentrates?

    You’ve most likely heard of ‘doing dabs.’ Dabs are little concentrated or extracted, vaped with a dab rig, vaporized, or smoked with a pipe.

    A dab rig is one of the most frequent ways to do dabs. Dab rigs are glass water pipes designed specifically for vaping concentrates. They are similar to bongs in appearance, but instead of a bowl to retain your bud, they have a nail, sometimes known as a banger, to place your dabs on. Before applying the dab, the nail is heated for 30-60 seconds with a butane flame. When the dab reaches the hot nail, it transforms into vapor, which can then be ingested through the rig’s mouthpiece. Dab rigs produce thick clouds of tasty vapor and are a fantastic option for individuals who don’t mind putting in a little extra effort to enjoy higher-quality smoke.

    Many traditional vaporizers can also be used to vape concentrates. However, before attempting to vape marijuana concentrates, ensure your vaporizer is compatible. Vaping extracts in vapes designed only for dry flower vaping will damage the unit and perhaps cause it to break.

    Finally, concentrates can be smoked using bongs, pipes, or joints. Adding a dab to your smoke is a terrific way to increase its strength and give it a little extra kick. However, they must be laid over a bed of ground flowers before attempting so. Otherwise, you risk sucking the dab directly through the bowl/stem and ending up with an oily residue in your mouth.

    Are there any consequences of consuming marijuana concentrates?

    The effects of marijuana consumption may be more severe psychologically and physically because it is a highly concentrated form. The long-term effects of marijuana concentrate usage are unknown, although the effects of plant marijuana consumption are well understood. The side effects are paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks, and hallucinations.

    Plant marijuana also raises one’s heart rate and blood pressure. Users of plant marijuana may also encounter withdrawal and addiction issues.


    You’re here because you love the plant. You love to consume it, and you love sharing it with others. Here we have shared all the interesting facts that you must know about Marijuana while consuming it. If you are seeking the best marijuana or cannabis and weed accessories delivered to your home, you can visit Grassdoor. This platform also provides memberships so that peeps will never go out of stock.