How Do Korean Online Casinos Differ From Those Around the World?


    South Korea has strict laws against gambling, especially betting on casino games. Horse racing, motorboat racing and lottery are allowed but highly regulated by the government. There’s only one land-based casino Koreans are allowed to gamble in. It’s located in Gangwon Province, which is not accessible to many citizens.

    Koreans are even restricted from gambling outside the country. And as you have guessed, online casinos are forbidden. You can’t open one or play in any. The only people allowed to gamble freely in Korea are foreigners. Even brick-and-mortar casinos are specifically there for them.

    According to the Law – They Don’t Exist


    Though the country is technologically advanced and filled with technicians, you aren’t allowed to use those skills in opening your own casino. And citizens are forbidden from playing in online casinos. You can be fined or locked behind bars if you’re caught doing such. 

    But many international online casinos cater to Koreans. So, to answer the question of how Korean online casinos differ from the rest of the world, they’re all from the rest of the world. So, don’t be surprised when you find a Korean online casino guide because there are ways to join the casino game fun in Korea.

    Koreans Play in International Online Casinos

    Many international online casinos cater to Korean players. They feature bonuses specific to them, and there are providers whose games are playable in Korea. The Korean government has made efforts to block online casinos from operating in the country. Other sites have been slowed down, but clearly, they can’t pinpoint and restrict everyone.

    VPNs now help users use different locations and sometimes have undetectable IP addresses. And through a nearby server, they can access online casinos and games without being annoyed by slow internet connection.

    Online Casinos that Accept Korean Customers

    Many online casinos accept Korean casino enthusiasts. They cater to Koreans very well, as you can change the currency to the won. You can also change the language to Korean. If you haven’t found an excellent site that caters to your needs, you can choose from the list we’ve made below.

    Some of these are top casinos that have been in the gambling industry for a while. They have earned a good reputation. Others are new casinos with exciting bonuses to attract new players. Find one more meaningful for you and start playing your favourite games.

    High-rating online casinos for Korean players include:

    1. 888Casino
    2. Bons
    3. Gamdon
    5. Casino 2021 Bet
    6. EvoSpin
    7. GXG Bet
    8. ExciteWin
    9. Goldenbet

    In Closing

    Most Korean gambling sites are referred to as Korean mainly because they accept Korean players. Otherwise, they aren’t from the country, as casinos and online gambling are prohibited for citizens of this jurisdiction. They can even be punished for gambling outside of the country.

    Though this is the case, many Koreans love casino games. Hence international online casinos cater to them. On top of that, advanced technology tools such as VPNs make it easier for them to play without being caught.