Follow These Steps to Learn How to Create a Brand Account on YouTube


    Do you run a brand or company? If yes, the need for a social media presence will be much more than a student. Well, one of the main ways to augment businesses or brands is through YouTube channels. 

    However, if you are still promoting business through old fashioned ways. We have something exciting to share with you – how to start a YouTube channel for your brand. 

    How to Initiate Your First YouTube Channel?

    Always remember, there is always time to start something for your business. It is always good to plan and strategize the health of a business. Let it be a service or product, a YouTube channel helps promote and advertise. 

    Please follow the steps mentioned below to ensure you are doing things the right way.You will get the best results for your brand account by doing what is discussed below. 

    Besides YouTube, Instgaram is another amazing platform to build and grow an audience. Tools like Instagram profile viewer allow you to view profile photo of popular accounts in your niche and create a professional one for yours too.

    Here is what you have to do.

    Step #1: Create a Google Account for Business & Sign In 

    You will need a Google account before starting the procedure of making a business YouTube channel. So, if you have one, well and good. Otherwise, it is a must to create an account. For that, you have to visit and then complete the process. 

    Another thing to keep in mind is to continue with a YouTube channel if it already exists. You can always change the account from personal to business without any issues.

    We always suggest changing login details to your existing Google account. It will keep you safe and away from hacking. 

    Note: It is optional to create the channel’s name while signing up for a Google account. 

    Step #2: Go to Homepage and Name the Business Channel 

    Now that you have a Google account, you are on the journey to creating a business YouTube channel. First, visit YouTube’s homepage ( After that, locate the icon in the top right corner. You will see a drop-down menu when you click that icon. The first option to choose from; click on “Your Channel.” 

    Once you click “My Channel,” you will be asked for details like your name. Here, you have to provide both your first and last name. But before that, you should select a business account. Personal brands make more sense if you operate and run a solo business. Otherwise, a dedicated account for the brand makes much more sense. 

    Now is the time to name the channel. The channel is created. That was simple and easy, right? 

    Now we have to look and fix the details. We need it so that it attracts the audience’s attention and is a search engine. 

    Step #3: Complete Details of the Business Account 

    In this third step, you have to customize the channel. For that, click on the option which says “Optimize Channel.” Click on it and find options that will include layout, branding, and basic info. 

    Fill out each section wisely and accurately because all you share will help reach more audiences. After which monetizing your brand or business’s YouTube channel will become much more manageable. 

    Step #4: Set Up Channel 

    In this step towards completing and starting a YouTube channel, you have to create an image for your channel. However, while doing that, please remember the dimensions that are considered best. 

    Your channel’s icon is suggested to have 800×800 pixels. This will display as 98×98 pixels. 

    The banner of your business channel will have 2,560×1440 pixels – this is the exact dimension. However, to remain on the safer side, it is recommended to go with 1,546 x 423 pixels – this should serve well for mobile as well as the web. But please note that the suggested dimensions are without logo cropping and text.

    Important tips to make the best logo and banner are mentioned below. 

    • #1: use high resolution images.
    • #2: you can use free designing software and tools. 
    • #3: make use of previews before setting images in your channel.
    • #4: always ensure that the account looks professional. 
    • #5: a creatively designed logo and banner will help attract more audiences. 
    • #6: don’t prefer using copyrighted images from any search engine. This will not give a professional look. 

    Step #5: Give Description to Business YouTube Channel 

    Now you must take care of the “about” section. It should never be ignored. In fact, some serious time and attention should be given to it – so that it becomes easier for the visitor or audience to subscribe to your channel also helpful to grab attention to your Instagram followers.

    In the about section, your official website link should be mentioned. In the channel, you can cover the following elements. 

    • #1: the mission statement of the channel.
    • #2: call to action.
    • #3: link to your official website. 
    • #4: business addresses and contact number. 

    Links that help buy your services or products will bring in more leads. The question is, where should you add the links? According to researchers and YouTube SEO experts, adding links in the following areas of your business YouTube channel is essential. 

    • #1: homepage 
    • #2: videos 
    • #3: social media profiles

    Important Note: you can include a maximum of 5 links along with customized hyperlinked texts with anything less than 30 characters. Adding links to your social media account’s banners or cover photos will lead to more viewers and subscribers on YouTube. 

    Step #6: Now Go for Features Channels 

    It is essential to follow some of your favorite channels to look real and active. These channels can be from any industry. Take part in the comment section and like videos that you endorse. 

    Below are some ways to select channels that will not harm your profile. 

    • #1: follow industry leaders or influencers. These should never be the ones who are your direct or indirect competitors. 
    • #2: like the videos or posts of business channels that produce the best content, those you really respect.
    • #3: avoid all those things that are not related to your industry. 
    • #4: ensure that the liked and subscribed videos are set to public in your channel settings. It is so that the audience may see them without any issues. 

    Step #7: Upload Content and Enjoy 

    Now that the channel is created and customized, it is time to upload your first video. 

    Tips to Get More Audience on a Brand’s YouTube Channel 

    To get more reach and visibility on your channel, the need of uploading the best content in the channel is a must. Buy YouTube views if you still need to get initial subscribers. You can easily buy subscriptions to YouTube UK from legit third-party YouTube service providers. 

    Last Words: 7 Steps to Create a Brand Account on YouTube 

    It takes less than ten minutes to create a YouTube channel. But when it comes to customization, it may take between half an hour to an hour. Enjoy the channel and make content that represents your services or product. We wish you all the best with getting more leads, ROI, YouTube SEO, and everything you’ve always wanted from a brand’s YouTube channel.