Steroids for sale are used in different cycles such as cutting and bulking cycles. They can be used individually and also in combos known as stacks. Body builders use steroids for the following reasons:

    1. Helps in preserving lean muscles mass.
    2. Helps in gaining muscles.
    3. Helps in preserving the tone of the muscles.
    4. Shreds fat cells.
    5. Increases strength and endurance of the body.
    6. Stamina build ups.
    7. Reduces post workout fatigue.
    8. Reduces recovery time after any injury.


    Most used anabolic steroids for sale are as follows:

    • Testosterone
    • Anavar
    • Dianabol
    • Anadrol
    • Trenbolone
    • Turinabol
    • Winstrol
    • Deca Durabolin
    • Masteron
    • Equipoise

    All these steroids are available in different consumption forms such as injectable steroid for sale, oral pills. Different steroids have different advantages and bodybuilder can choose as per their preference. Now each of the steroids will be discussed briefly 


    Testosterone was the initially produced anabolic steroid. Naturally produced testosterone is the main hormone that causes masculinity in the males. It helps in significant increase in muscle mass and strength and also helps in incredible increase in strength. It is used in bulking cycles and by nature it is a very mild steroid and side effects are not very harsh. It is very ideal as a first cycle steroid for the beginners. It is available as an injectable steroid available in different esters such as enanthate, propionate, cypionate and undecanoate. One can buy steroids online. Adverse effects caused by testosterone are as follows:

    1. Suppression of endogenous testosterone.
    2. High blood pressure.
    3. Acne
    4. Hair loss
    5. Water retention
    6. Gynecomastia


    Buy Anavar Online is the most common and safe anabolic steroid available in the market. It is available in oral and injectable form, very effective in cutting cycles. 


    Dianabol is relatively potent than testosterone in terms of anabolic effects and it is less androgenic in terms of adverse effects. It helps in more muscle gains and strength. It is effectively used in bulking cycles alone and in stacks. It is available in oral forms and injectables are also available. Side effects are as follows:

    1. Suppression of low endogenous
    2. Blood pressure fluctuations
    3. Fluid retentions
    4. Gynecomastia
    5. Liver toxicity


    It is slightly more potent than dianabol that helps in maximum increment in size and strength. It is an oral steroid that is used in bulking cycles. Adverse effects and chances of toxicity are quite high hence not recommended for beginners. It can affect heart functioning hence, not recommended for patients having compromised heart. Liver toxicity is also one of the main concerns.


    Trenbolone is a very potent and harsh steroid but the effects are so pronounced that it is still used by the body builders. It helps in incredible increments in terms of lean muscles. It does not cause water retention and leads to ripped dried look. Vascularity increases due to lack of water outside the muscles. It is available in the injections form and often stacked with another anabolic steroid such as testosterone. It is equally effective in cutting cycle where it removes all of the excess fat along with lean muscle preservation and new muscle protein formation. Side effects that it causes are as follows:

    1. Increased cholesterol levels
    2. High blood pressure
    3. Hair loss 
    4. Acne


    It is one of the most powerful oral steroids. It does not cause any fluid retention leading to solid muscle gains. It is most suitable for those who does not wish to carry any extra water weight. It is also used in cutting cycles when an individual wants to maintain muscles while dieting. If one grades Turinabol it is better in term of muscles build up than Anavar but less effective than Winstrol. Not very harsh in terms of adverse effects but can affect the cholesterol levels, liver toxicity and blood pressure.


    Winstrol available by the name of stanozolol is highly effective in gaining muscle sand shredding fats. It is recommended both for cutting and bulking cycles. The gains are not as comparable as the potent bulking steroids so it is ideal to stack it with some bulking steroids if the main concern is increase in muscle mass. It does not cause water retention and gives a leaner dried look. In terms of adverse effect, it is quite harsh on liver cells and also cause increase in blood pressure. Oily skin, alopecia and intrinsic testosterone suppression are the other adverse effects which one may experience post cycle. Finest gear is one of the most reliable steroids shops operating online from where one can buy steroids in USA.