Pole Banners – Buying Quality Street Light Pole Banners Online

Are you looking to make a strong impact with your advertising efforts? Custom pole banners are a unique solution to help you achieve just that. In this guide, we will explore the benefits of pole banners. This includes custom options, and installation and maintenance. Let’s dive in and discover how pole banners can elevate your marketing game.

Short Summary

  • Pole Banners can be attached to a light posts or mounted on a wall. Either way they provide a unique marketing message.
  • Personalize pole banners by choosing a size, material and shape.
  • Quality hardware installation and regular maintenance are essential. Follow these guidelines for successful pole banner campaigns.
  • Pole Banners feature full color printing with UV resistant inks. As a result, pole banners are perfect for outdoor use.

Why Choose Pole Banners?

Imagine walking down a city street lined with light posts with vibrant banners. These banners are announcing upcoming events and showcasing local businesses. Pole banners can also celebrate city milestones and heroes. These eye-catching displays are hard to miss. This is the power of pole banners for promotion. Pole banners are known for their high visibility. Making pole banners are an ideal choice to make a bold statement on light poles or even mounted on a wall.

Municipal and Academic Applications

Displayed on street poles, pole banners are used in cities and on college campuses. Pole banners are a good for promoting events, celebrations, and anniversaries.

Built to withstand extreme weather conditions, these promotional pole banners are made from durable materials. These materials include PVC Scrim and Polyester Canvass. In addition, you will find most utilize double-sided printing.

High Visibility and Impact of Pole Banners

When it comes to advertising, visibility is key. Light Pole banners offer unique visibility, making them an ideal option for advertising. It is important to have an effective design for promotional banners.

Whether you use pole banner templates or professional design services, an effective design is crucial. Following these pole banner guidelines can ensure your message stands out.

Double Sided Pole Pockets

Promotional banners can feature double-sided pole pockets, for easy installation. Constructed of water-resistant, and UV-resistant materials, light pole banners are designed for outdoor use.

Quality construction allows for a vibrant appearance for an extended period. These banners are printed double-sided to ensure maximum exposure. Another option is a two sided design, allowing a unique design on each side of the pole banner.


Not only are pole banners visible, but they are versatile. These light pole banners are personalized to fit a variety of purposes. From seasonal decorations to event promotion and brand recognition. Vibrant pole banners can promote branding, event promotion, and tourism.


Pole banners can display at municipal events and festivities. Uses also include graduations, seasonal holidays, and sporting events. With multiple sizes and designs to choose from, it’s easy to create unique promotional banners.


Made from durable materials like 18 oz vinyl, pole banners are designed to withstand outdoor conditions. When installed and maintained, pole banners can have a lifespan of two or more years. It is worth noting that exposure to sunlight can cause light pole banners to fade over time.

Customization Options for Pole Banners

Creating the perfect pole banner for your business or event is all about customization. Pole banners offer various size options, material choices, and design options.

This allows you to customize your pole banner to meet your needs and preferences. In this section, we will explore the different options available to create an effective banners.

Avoid Wind Flaps

Some will want to have wind flaps or wind slits cut into the pole banners. This is to decrease wind resistance. Studies have determined that wind slits and wind flaps offer minimal help. In reality, wind slits can decrease the power of your pole banner design.


From selecting the right size and dimensions to choosing the perfect material. Customization is key to ensuring your pole banner stands out making a lasting impact. Let’s dive into the various options available for pole banners.

Pole Banner Size and Dimensions

Personalized come in a range of sizes and dimensions to suit your specific requirements. Common sizes include 18” x 30”, 24” x 48”, 30” x 60”, and 30” x 72”, with a maximum print size of 96” in height and 36” in width.

It’s important to select a banner size that is compatible with the length of the pole it will be displayed on.

Pole Pocket Sizes

Pole banners can be produced with different pole pocket sizes. While a two-inch pole pocket is pretty standard, three-inch and four-inch pole pockets can be ordered.

These pockets ensure easy installation and accommodate various hardware arm pole diameters. When designing, maintain a minimum distance of 1” between design and the pole pockets.

Custom Shapes for Pole Banners

Not all pole banners are rectangle, some dealers offer custom shaped pole banners. Using a custom shape pole banner can make your light pole banner campaign stand out even more.

Please note that custom shape light pole banners may require special pole brackets or revision of existing hardware. One of the two poles or arms will have to be cut down to accommodate the custom shape.

Triangle Pole Banners

A popular shape other than a rectangular banner is a triangular pole banner shape. This shape allows you to choose either a pole pocket on bottom or grommet on the bottom. Custom shape pole banner will most likely require a special pole mount hardware kit.

Pole Banner Material Choices

Selecting the right pole banner material for your banner is essential. In most cases you can choose between a PVC vinyl or polyester pole banner material.

Which Material is Best?

Fabric and vinyl pole banners offer a unique set of advantages. These differences range from cost to long term durability. Understand these differences, so you can choose the best pole banner material. Below are the main points to consider for each type of material.

Vinyl Banner Material

Vinyl Pole banners can be produced using either 13 oz, 15 oz., or 18 oz heavy-duty scrim vinyl. This is the same PVC scrim material used in standard outdoor vinyl banners.

This material holds up well to various weather conditions. This allows your pole banner to maintain their So the biggest advantage to vinyl banners is the durability. One of the cons of vinyl pole banners is that they have a plastic look to them.

This plastic look of a vinyl banner can detract from your design. If you do choose vinyl pole banners, choose a matte finish.

Polyester Banner Material

Most online dealers will offer vinyl light pole banner option. While a much smaller number offer fabric or polyester pole banners. A Fabric Pole Banner offers a much cleaner upscale look than a vinyl pole banner.

Please note detailed artwork prints better on fabric vs. vinyl. So if you need a softer and classier look for your banners, fabric may be your best choice.

Final Thoughts on Material

When choosing a pole banner material, consider factors like location and the display duration. If your banner will be in direct sunlight for extended periods, vinyl material may be best option.

By selecting the best material, you can ensure your pole banner remains effective much longer.

Designing Pole Banners

Designing your banners is an essential step in creating a unique and eye-catching marketing tool. Design options include uploading a design, templates, or design services. You can explore double-sided printing options to maximize visibility.

Online Design Tool

Some Dealers will offer an online design tool that allows you to design online. Most allow uploading of custom artwork, while choosing colors and fonts.

Pole Banner Templates

Some dealers will offer blank templates you can download and use with your favorite software. Some even offer predesigned pole banner templates you can customize.

Free Pole Banner Design Service

Some dealers offer free design service for light pole banners. You supply the graphics and info, they will design your light pole banner free of charge.


Pole banners are printed using a full color digital printing process. This produces a waterproof and UV-safe graphic perfect for outdoor use. When designing banners, consider color, imagee, and heavy fonts to ensure your message stands out.

Doing this can produce a lasting impression on the main streets of your community.

With planning and attention to detail, you can create an effective pole banner.

Pantone Matching System

If you need color matching for your pole banner, some dealers match colors using the Pantone Matching System.

Printed Double Sided Printing

Most light pole banners are printed double-sided. This means there are two prints back to back with a blocker layer.

Installing and Maintaining Pole Banners

Proper installation and maintenance will ensure the life of your light pole banners. Below we discuss the importance of hardware, installation, and the inspection of your banners. These factors play an important role keeping your banners looking their best.

Following proper installation and maintenance practices can prolong the pole banner life. In return, ensuring they remain a powerful marketing tool for your business or event. Let’s explore the various tips for installing and maintaining street banners.

Pole Banner Hardware

Investing in quality pole banner hardware is crucial for installing a pole banner.

When selecting hardware, consider factors like diameter of the light pole the banner is being mounted on. The right hardware kit, can ensure your pole banners are installed to maximize and impact.

It includes a range of accompanying accessories like threaded screws and pins with key rings. These components ensure your light pole banner remains attached to the hardware. Below are the two most popular types when shopping for a pole banner hardware kit.

Street Pole Hardware Kit

The street pole banner bracket system is the most popular way to display light pole banners. The hardware kit consist of two fiberglass poles, two cast metal mounting brackets and includes four steel bands. The fiberglass poles are a 1″ diameter pole, meaning a 2″ pole pocket will work.

Wall Mount Hardware Kit

Pole Banners can be mounted to the side of a building if needed. You can purchase special hardware kit that allows mounting to a wall. This method will require installing anchors into the wall.

Matching Existing Hardware Kit

If you have existing pole banner hardware, you can just purchase replacement banners. Just indicate the banner width and what diameter pole you have.

With this information, the retailer should be able to match and create a replacement banner. Most dealers can produce a custom size banner to fit existing hardware if needed.

Check Local Regulations

Be sure to check and understand all local regulations when planning to install street banners. Attaching hardware to city owned light post will more than likely require a permit.

There are guidelines that will need to be followed as well. These light pole use guidelines might include display height, maximum or minimum size guidelines.

Maintenance and Care

Regular maintenance and care are essential for keeping your banners looking their best. To clean your light pole banner wipe with a damp cloth using a mild soap and water cleaning solution. For best results use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

Inspect Regularly

In addition to regular cleaning, inspect your pole banners. This ensures they are in optimal condition with no issues.

By following these maintenance tips, you can prolong the lifespan of your pole banners. Making sure they remain an effective marketing tool.


In conclusion, custom pole banners are a powerful marketing tool. The wide range of options can allow you to produce affordable and effective advertising. So the next time you need to promote an event or group, make sure you look into pole banners.


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