How Online Educators can Overcome Burnout Issues


With the growing educational technology, there has been a change in teaching and learning practices of educators and learners respectively. Leaving behind conventional classrooms, online teaching or online courses is the new preference of all. Because of this, there is tough competition going on in the e-learning field.

For selling courses effectively, the creators plan and work hard. To beat the competitors, serve the customers better, and enrich the learning experience, online course creators have to deal with a lot of pressure, stress, and exhaustion sometimes. This state of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion can be termed burnout. This can lead to a low-efficiency rate in work, reduced output, lack of motivation, and mood swings. Let us discuss a complete set of tips that online course creators can follow to overcome burnout and focus better on content creation.

Steps for how online educators can  overcome burnout issues

1. Use technology to teach

To avoid or overcome burnout issues, using technology is quite advisable. In the digital world, we are living in, no work is limited to conventional methods. And therefore online educators should also not only rely on self-manual work. Doing all the tasks manually like preparing handwritten lists, lesson plans and attendance can be laborious. Instead of this, online educators should use technical tools like a learning management system, enterprise resource planning software, or more. Use other digital tools for ensuring the proper organization of your online course. Design online quizzes where students get auto scores. By giving automatic results, teachers don’t have to invest time and energy in checking assignments or tests.

2. Work in a team

For creating an online course, lots of work needs to be done. Other than planning and collecting resources, several other steps are included to create and run an online course respectively. Managing all the tasks single-handedly can be challenging and exhausting. Also when the course sales are limited, it becomes emotionally drenching alone too. However, when there is a team to work with, the chances of burnout reduce. The teammates can divide the work among themselves as per their skills and traits. This is why there will be continuous physical, mental and emotional support for each other. You can collaborate with your fellow online course creator, a friend, a sibling or hire a teacher, etc.

3. Work in smaller portions every day

When online course creators face work pressure the chances of burnout are there. To overcome this problem, working in smaller portions every day is recommended. For example, instead of shooting all the videos for a particular lesson in a single day, divide the work into smaller chunks, do it daily and complete it at the right time. Working every day helps you to stay more energetic and enthusiastic. There is a continuous motivation to work, achieve daily task criteria and stay satisfied.

4. Let students be accountable

When teachers take all the responsibilities, it can lead to pressure, stress, and ultimately other burnout symptoms too. For effective online teaching, do your best, but don’t spoon feeding to your students. Let them explore, try, and become accountable. Reminding students again and again about the deadlines, and ensuring discipline in the live classes, all can be tiring for the teachers.

You can ask your students to be a helping hand, corporate, and take on some responsibilities on their own too. Ask them to submit the online assessments timely. Give easy access to the online study material, so that you don’t have to tackle accessibility issues every day. So along with searching the platform to sell courses online, try to give accessible or mobile-friendly study material to the students.

5. Take a break in between

Yes, we know that online courses require a good amount of time and effort regularly. If you will keep working regularly without any breaks and self-care, the quality and accuracy of your work can be affected. This is because you might not realize the physical and mental fatigue you are going through, but that will surely be seen in your work.

 So don’t forget to take breaks in between. Read about effective time management tips so that along with online courses, you get free time for yourself and your loved ones. Don’t spend your weekends or offs completing the video lectures, try to finish that in your job hours only. During this break time, you can think about how you can make your course more effective by bringing some creative and unique ideas.


Online course creation and teaching online is not an easy task. It can cause burnout issues for many. However, by following the above-mentioned tips, online educators and course creators can deal with burnout. This will help them to have a work-life balance and have a better cognitive, physical, and emotional state.


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