Guidelines To Play Solitaire Games For Free

Have you ever played solitaire games online? Solitaire games are most commonly played all over the world. It is a very interesting game that you can play whenever you have time or just want to relax. You can play solitaire games for free on the internet at any time of the day. By playing online, you will be provided with the guidelines so that you know the rules of the game thoroughly. Hence, there are very few chances for you to make any mistakes while playing the game. You can play on many websites that are offering free solitaire games. You can just play the game online without registering on the website.  But if you sign up for an account then you can compare your scores with other players. 

You can play solitaire games for free in your browser and keep yourself busy. Playing solitaire games will give you lots of fun as these games always give you new challenges. You can develop different techniques and strategies while playing the games. Many cards need to be arranged and you can take the wise decision to get the foundation stacks ready and win the game. 

Solitaire 3 Popular Games

The solitaire game was designed by keeping a single player in mind. Hence, the name ‘solitaire’, which means ‘alone’. This game has a standard deck with 52 cards. The game is very simple and minimum knowledge is required to play. Today you will find new versions of the solitaire games with new rules and strategies as compared to the old games. The following are the most popular solitaire games to play as a beginner.

  1. Klondike- This is the most popular solitaire game you will find on any Windows PC for many years. As compared to other versions of solitaire games, Klondike is a very simple game. Your goal in this game is to build your foundation piles by using the cards in the stockpile. 
  1. Spider- In this game there are 10 columns and a deck of cards from which you can collect new cards. These cards will cover each of the 10 columns with one card. This game is most entertaining as compared to Klondike according to most players. 
  1. Pyramid- Pyramid is preferred by most players as it is the most challenging solitaire game. There is 1 player in this game, a standard deck of 52 cards and the challenge is to remove all the cards from the pyramid. 

Though you can play solitaire games for free, you need to give yourself time to learn all the versions of the games with different techniques and strategies. This way, you will be an expert in winning solitaire games while having fun at the same time. 

Tricks And Tips To Win The Game

There are some tricks you should know if you want to play solitaire games free. Just because they are free, it doesn’t mean that you should just waste your time by playing randomly. It would be more beneficial to learn the tricks by playing consistently if you are serious to win the game.

  • Learn the rules of every version of the game. By playing free games, you will get a lot of time to understand the nuances of the game. 
  • Whenever you see the Aces in the cards, you should always move them to the foundation. If you keep them around, they will make your game difficult and it won’t be of any help to you. 
  • While playing the solitaire game, start by moving the cards from the stockpile. Once all your moves are finished, you need to move to cards that are dealt from the deck. 
  • Always remember that once a card is placed in the foundation space, it cannot be moved. 
  • You must know the goal of the solitaire game. You have to get all the cards in the foundation. Once you get the cards, you win the game. 
  • If you are successful in getting all the cards in the foundation with a small number of moves, then you can consider yourself as the best solitaire player. 
  • In the beginning, you might not be able to build your foundations. Most of your moves will be situated in the stockpiles. Although sometimes, the cards in the stockpiles, can help you to move the cards and win the game.
  • You should move the Kings and make a new stockpile only when you are sure that this move will be beneficial for you in the game. 

Benefits of Playing Solitaire Games 

If you like to play solitaire games for free, then you must know that besides giving you patience, this game also provides benefits for your healthy mind. So utilize your free time by playing solitaire games and grab the following benefits.

  1. Solitaire games take you into a meditative state while playing. In other games, you need a high level of logical thinking that demands concentration. Here, you find yourself relaxed and enjoy the game thoroughly. 
  2. Solitaire games can help you develop your memory. By playing frequently, your brain gets the exercise by memorizing the colors, suits, numbers of the cards in the stockpile. Hence, this skill can be helpful in other spheres of life too where memory plays an important role.
  3. Solitaire games teach you the important life lessons that are required in day-to-day life.  This game teaches you that sometimes it is best to hold your ground in certain situations. You need to pause and analyze the situation rather than act impulsively. Sometimes taking a step backward is important to leap ahead in the right direction is the best decision. These skills are developed when you play solitaire games for free, as you can practice them frequently. 
  4. Solitaire games give you a competitive spirit, though you are competing against yourself being a single player. You challenge yourself to score more than your previous records and set new goals. 

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