Types of video games and their sub-genres


    A video game is a special type of game that uses images that are generated by electronic hardware. Many of us have definitely played video games at least once. There are these types of games:

    • Role-playing games;
    • action games;
    • adventure games;
    • strategy;
    • sports;
    • puzzles.

    Role-playing games

    One of the most popular genres are role-playing games, which are usually presented in a medieval or fantasy style. The brightest representative of this genre is undertale free download, that captivated the users by its adventures. Some gamers divide role-playing games into WRPG (games with western influence) and JPRG (with Japanese influence). This genre is interesting because it provides gamers with choices that affect the end of the game. This means that most of the RPGs have an alternative ending. There are action RPGs, massively multiplayer RPGs, tactical, sandbox and first-person party RPGs. A special feature of role-playing action games is that the battles actually take place in real time and depend on many factors. Such as the speed and accuracy of the player, the quality of Internet connection, ping. MMORPG give the opportunity to play with each other in a single game world. Role-playing tactical game is very similar to the traditional turn-based game, or board game, where every player’s move is displayed on an isometric grid.
    The sandbox allows players to move freely in the game and seek out new adventures. Party role-playing games, or “blobbers,” are dungeon games in which the player leads a group that seeks adventure, in first person.

    Action Games

    Games where the player is in control and is in the center of events, which often consist of challenges, are called action games. There are several genres of action games:

    • platformer;
    • shooter;
    • combat;
    • stealth;
    • survival;
    • rhythm.

    Platformer games are games where the character is constantly interacting with the platforms. For those who are fond of shooting, the shooter genre is perfect. And for those who are fond of hand-to-hand fighting and other martial arts, we recommend to try the genre with fighting. In stealth games you need to use your cunning and accuracy to solve the game tasks. Survival games have become some of the most revered and popular. In games of this genre, you have to get your own food, find weapons and shelters, a place to sleep your character to survive as long as possible. In rhythm games, players need to keep up with the rhythm by hitting the right button to get points. In rhythm games, players need to keep up with the rhythm by pressing the right button to get points.


    Adventure Games

    Adventure games usually have two game mechanics: in-game quests or obstacles to overcome, with the help of collected items. There are several genres of adventure games:

    • Text-based adventures, where gameplay is text-based, namely, players must use the keyboard to enter commands in response to a programmed story arc.
    • Graphic adventures, where gameplay is based on graphics and images.
    • Real-time 3D games – In this type of game, players interact in a three-dimensional game world.

    Strategy Games

    This genre requires players to have a well-thought-out strategy for the actions in the game. After all, with the right approach can quickly pump up your settlement in the game. And thanks to this get a strategic advantage over other players. There are such genres of strategy games:

    • 4x – where you have to explore, expand, exploit, and destroy;
    • artillery;
    • real-time strategy;
    • real-time tactics;
    • multiplayer battle arena;
    • war game;
    • grand strategy war game.

    Sports games

    Sports games are imitation sports. They may also include Olympic sports such as: skiing. The genres of sports games are:

    • racing;
    • team sports;
    • competitive sports;
    • sports fights.


    Puzzles are games where you have to solve a problem in order to move on. There are two types of puzzles: logic games and quizzes.