Get the Most Out of Rehab With These 8 Tips


    If you’re like 1 in 10 Americans, you’re dealing with a substance abuse problem, so know you’re not alone. Addiction can be an isolating experience, but knowing the statistics of how many people are in the same shoes as you can help you, and if you add alcohol and tobacco to the figures, 1 in 3 Americans deal with addiction. Chances are, you don’t enjoy your substance abuse and want to get back to the healthier version of you before your addiction takes hold and you’re ready to enter rehab. First, pat yourself on the back and throw a (sober) party because entering rehab is no small feat! But, like anything else, having the right tools in your tool kit makes the job of living without substances easier and the results better.  

    If you’ve decided to enter rehab, you likely don’t know what to expect; you’re scared and nervous you’ll fail. But you can get the most out of rehabilitation and a higher chance of staying sober with helpful tips. Please keep reading to learn them and get excited about what’s on the other side of recovery. 

    Commit to the Process 

    The road to recovery is rocky; you’ll feel many feelings you’ve been numbing with your addiction, not to mention potential physical symptoms of withdrawal. Take these as known and be prepared to commit to the process and work through the emotions. If you require a medical detox, commit to trusting the doctors and staff to keep you safe and healthy.  

    Choose The Right Type of Facility  

    If you’re going to rehab, the type of center you go to will greatly impact your success. Would you feel more comfortable in a medical detox facility, women run rehab, long-term or an outpatient center? Many rehabilitation centers are tailored to all types of people from all walks of life, so selecting one that seems like the right fit for you is essential.  

    Stay in The Moment  

    It can be tempting to focus on how much better your life will be after you complete a successful rehabilitation, but others worry about how they will deal with work and family life when they get home, no matter which end of the spectrum you’re on – stay in the moment. Your time in rehab is about getting back to the version of yourself before you struggled with substances, and that’s all you need to think about while there.

    Ask Questions

    Rehabilitation centers are staffed by knowledgeable people, doctors, nurses, therapists, and volunteers – and many of these professionals were addicts at some point themselves. They are there for you and care about your recovery, so use them as the invaluable tools they are and ask them any questions you have. They’re there if you need help understanding something or want more information.  

    Slow and Steady Wins the Race  

    In rehab facilities, you’ll spend time in groups, and it can feel like you’re behind other people in the process, but remembering they were once in your shoes can keep you grounded. Don’t compare your progress to others; go at your own pace.  

    Open Up  

    As mentioned earlier, you’ll feel many emotions as you get sober, but be open to these feelings during rehab. It will likely be a rollercoaster of emotions, but knowing that before you check in can allow you to remind yourself when you start feeling them that it’s normal and part of the process. 

     Follow The Rules  

    As an adult, it will feel strange to be “living” somewhere with rules you have to follow, but knowing the rules exist and you’ll have to follow them before you check in can make following them easier. It’s important to remember that you’re not held there against your will; you’re choosing this for your health and to take your life back, and the rules exist to help the professionals at the center guide you. 

     Choose to Be Kind  

    Kindness matters, and in rehab, it matters even more. Even when you’re riding that rollercoaster of emotions, it’s paramount that you’re kind not only to yourself but to others there for the same reasons as you. 

    Choosing to get sober is a difficult decision, and if you require a rehab facility on your journey, celebrate how brave you are and look forward to the goodness in your life when you complete it. Here’s to your health and happiness!