Is it worth hiring a lawyer after a minor car accident?


    Imagine yourself driving pleasantly around Macon while waiting for a friend to meet you for lunch or some retail therapy. You’re going slowly when another vehicle rear-ends your car while searching for a parking space.

    You both get out of your cars and agree to trade contact and insurance information after giving yourselves and your vehicles a once over. You finally depart.

    What a brilliant idea, huh? Was it necessary for you to call the police? Need a car accident lawyer Macon on the phone right now?

    Do I Require Legal Counsel After a Minor Automobile Accident?

    A succinct response is always a wise choice to protect your legal interests. In actuality, delaying hiring a lawyer may end up costing you more money. Let’s say the driver who hit you makes a claim pointing the finger at you for the collision. It’s your word versus their word in the absence of a police record.

    You must now defend yourself. However, you don’t have any proof that you weren’t at fault if there are no pictures of the collision, witness statements, or police records. For leaving the scene of the accident without reporting it, you can face legal repercussions.

    Minor car accidents may result in hidden injuries.

    Many injuries sustained in auto accidents take time to manifest. After the accident, you can experience back pain or feel fatigued and sore. You might dismiss this as simply being shaken up from the collision.

    You might discover that you can’t move your neck or wrist a few days later. Although you’ll receive medical attention, it’s possible that your insurance (or that of the at-fault driver) won’t pay for it.

    Another typical ailment after a car collision is a concussion, and those symptoms don’t always appear right away. You risk further injury, including brain damage, if you don’t receive the correct diagnosis, treatment, and rest.

    When you dial 911 as soon as a car accident occurs, you’ll receive the necessary emergency medical care and a police report that can support any claim you make and improve your chances of recovery.

    The other driver might accuse you in court

    You may see a little ding or scratch on your bumper a few days after the collision. It is promptly rejected when you make a claim with the other driver’s insurance company, and the insurer blames you for the collision rather than their client.